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Child pornography, businessman from Bologna arrested – Chronicle

Child pornography, businessman from Bologna arrested – Chronicle
Child pornography, businessman from Bologna arrested – Chronicle

Bologna, 27 November 2021 – There is also a 45-year-old building contractor from Bologna among the five people arrested because they exchanged child pornography material in a group created on a messaging app. A particular group because self-produced contents were exchanged with members of their respective families. The man, with a clean record and father of a family, was unmasked by the Postal and Communications Police who were investigating the closed group called ‘Families of Abuses’. In particular – the investigators explain – the Bolognese was isolated a short video, posted in the group, showing the man engaging in sexual practices with a minor of his family.

The danger of recurrence of crimes of the same type and the exclusion of the occasional nature of the conduct, which could have resulted in further and more serious episodes, convinced the prosecutor in charge of the investigations to request and obtain the precautionary measure of pre-trial detention in prison from the Bologna magistrate.

The investigators were able to identify the members of the group in a chain following each of them from time to time computer traces. The first search was carried out by the Postal Police department for Lazio, by delegation of the Public Prosecutor of Rome, against a citizen residing in the capital, arrested in the act of crime because he was identified in possession of a large quantity of child pornography material. On that occasion it emerged for the first time the existence of the group: thanks to the continuation of the investigations, the police reached the Bolognese man, searched by the Postale di Bologna.

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