“Within three months the audience will be revaccinated”

“Within three months the audience will be revaccinated”
“Within three months the audience will be revaccinated”

Third dose queues at the Palazzo delle Scintille a Milano with the ter injection after 5 months and no more 6. Reservations after 150 days from the second dose are already feasible, in fact, the vaccination appeal has started in Lombardy, also due to the terror of the new Omicron variant. At the hub vaccine of CityLife (which reached one million doses administered in seven days) the waiting times, between Friday and Saturday 27 November, vary from one to three hours. Reason? On the one hand the boom of over 40s who requested the ter injection, on the other the fear of no longer being protected, which pushes many people to show up in the hubs (wrongly) without booking. The system has yet to be run in.

Matters of days and the inconveniences will cease. According to the coordinator of the anti-Covid vaccination campaign in Lombardy, Guido Bertolaso, the queues have two main explanations: «First the fear of the people: those who show up without a reservation are often distressed by the idea of ​​the decrease in antibodies. Then there are those who find themselves faced with Moderna’s option and reject it in the anamnesis which is therefore not as fast as it should ». The enlargement of the audience at the call, in the jargon booster, thus pushes the third phase of the campaign to fight the virus. The objective of the Region: within three months the audience is revaccinated and protected. The Region calculates to “have an audience of 2.8 million revaccinable Lombards by the end of the year”

So the fourth wave will stop. “It is necessary not only to continue to protect ourselves and others with vaccination – recalls the councilor for Welfare Letizia Moratti – but also to continue to maintain attitudes of prudence starting from the distance and the use of the mask”.


In the meantime, to contain the virus, the obligation to wear a mask even outdoors in the historic center, started from midnight on Friday 26. You travel only with the mask – under penalty of a 400 euro fine, recorded by the police along the axis from San Babila al Castello: the axis of crowds, shopping and rubbing.

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