Vaccine, green pass and variant cause requests to explode, but the hub is insufficient

Impossible to book these days in the Sapiens vaccination hub, in Costa S. Abramo. The alarm for the South African variant already arrived in Europe and probably also present in Italy, combined with the new restrictive rules of the super green pass from 6 December, are pushing many reluctant to get vaccinated. Furthermore, the first group of third doses for the over 60s were joined by the over 40s, an increasingly numerous target to which the hub set up by the Cremona Asst has not yet managed to adapt. So much so that yesterday and today the only chances of finding a free place were in Codogno or Leno, in the province of Brescia.

A constantly evolving situation, even after a few hours, the one that presents itself to those who open the portal Booking of Anti COVID-19 Vaccinations in Lombardy ( and hopefully it can unlock in the next few days.

For days, the regional councilor Dem Matteo Piloni has underlined the serious shortcomings of the system and has asked that the vaccination centers of Soresina and Casalmaggiore, closed too quickly, be reopened as soon as possible, as well as setting up a hub in the capital that is larger than the one set up at the Sapiens. Not only physical spaces, but also a shortage of personnel: many enrolled in the first vaccination phase would have been left at home and should be recalled as soon as possible.

Many reports of people who had already booked for the third dose after six months and who, with the introduction of the five-month advance, have decided to cancel to try to anticipate the vaccine: the joke for many of them is state of being without the primitive reservation and not being able to get a new date.

Meanwhile, the latest data on the vaccination trend in the hub of the capital arrive from Asst: an average of 700 injections per day, with a growth of 60% compared to previous weeks, for third doses.


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Vaccine green pass variant requests explode hub insufficient

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