Do you often lose items? Tile offers are for you

The Black Friday is also available for products Tile with discounts up to 40% perfect for the most distracted. The company specializing in trackers for finding lost and found items, which is about to pass into the hands of Life360 for more than $ 200 million, is making some of its devices available on promotion.

Black Friday Tile deals on trackers

Tile Black Friday offers discounts on various products suitable for the most distracted, who tend to leave wallets, keys or any other object lying around. The small trackers in fact allow you to be tracked via a smartphone app (available for Android and iOS) and consequently to find the objects to which they have been combined. They are also compatible with Google Assistant, Siri and Amazon Alexa.

Here are the Tile offers currently available on the official website for this Black Friday:

  • Mate (2020) a 14,99 euro
  • Azurite Blue Slim a 19,99 euro
  • Rose Pink Slim Combo a 19,99 euro
  • Sticker a 20,99 euro
  • Rose Pink Pro Combo a 23,99 euro
  • Pro a 24,99 euro
  • Slim a 24,99 euro
  • Jewelscape Pro, Bloom Field Pro, Midnight Oasis Pro, Roger Roger Pro, Trailhead Pro o Boba Bubbles Pro a 26,99 euro
  • Combo Performance Pack a 39,99 euro
  • Jewelscape, Bloom Field, Midnight Oasis, Roger Roger, Trailhead o Boba Bubbles Performance Pack a 46,99 euro

It’s worth pointing out that Tile offers free shipping on orders over 60 euros. To find out all the Black Friday Tile offers you can follow this link on Amazon, while below you can see all the best discounts currently available on the technology. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Telegram channel to stay up to date on promotions.

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