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why the figure can be wrong (and how to understand it) – Libero Quotidiano

why the figure can be wrong (and how to understand it) – Libero Quotidiano
why the figure can be wrong (and how to understand it) – Libero Quotidiano

There are several factors that combine to define the amount of the last month of the retirement year, the December 2021 slip. Among these, as explained by the Newspaper, there are the adjustment of the 730 model, but also the thirteenth, the fourteenth and the additional bonus. The latter, in particular, changes according to the Isee. But how do you know if you have received the exact amount? It is necessary to visit the institutional portal of the INPS and access the active online service, to find information on figures and payments.

It should be emphasized, however, that the final amount will be paid in advance to those who collect the check in one of the Poste Italiane offices according to schedule. A precise date for the crediting of the pension will therefore be indicated for holders of a BancoPosta account, savings book or a Postepay Evolution. On the other hand, those who receive checks, pensions and accompanying allowances for disabled civilians through the bank service, will have to wait for Wednesday 1 December.

To access the INPS online service, it is necessary to have a Pin, issued by INPS, a level 2 or higher Spid and an electronic identity card, in addition to the national services card. Furthermore, as the newspaper directed by Minzolini explains, the five elements to pay attention to are: payment of the additional sum for 2021 (the fourteenth), the additional bonus of 154.94 euros for 2021 for pensions with private management and entertainment or for professional sportsmen, assignment for 2021 of the replacement allowance for the military companion, increase in the amounts of the Anf that is, the allowance for the family unit and the adjustment from the ordinary or supplementary 730/2021 model.

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