They eat marijuana cake, five friends feel bad: hallucinations and illnesses

First, they made a marijuana-based cake, based on a recipe they found on a website and adding a large amount of the drug into the dough. Then they invited three friends to their house to taste the dessert together, also accompanying it with alcoholic drinks. Result: all five in the emergency room.

It happened in recent days in Verano Brianza, a town north of Seregno. The protagonists are all in their early twenties. The engaged couple who owns the house prepared the cake and then invited the three friends, including a girl, to taste it with them.

Perhaps due to the excessive amount of marijuana in the dough, perhaps due to the accompaniment with alcohol, after about an hour the five were forced to call 118 for help, due to illness and hallucinations. One of the two girls was almost unconscious when help arrived. All five were brought in yellow code to Monza and Desio, only to be discharged without prognosis.

The rest of the cake found in the refrigerator

On the spot also the carabinieri of Seregno, to whom the young people told what had happened. More marijuana was found in the apartment, probably leftover during the preparation of the dough, and what was left of the cake in the refrigerator. The two boyfriends were reported for drug possession for the purpose of dealing while the other three (two from Meda and one from Briosco) were reported to the prefecture of Monza as drug users.


eat marijuana cake friends feel bad hallucinations illnesses

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