Turin 27 November | Unions in Piazza Castello

Thousands of workers this morning, Saturday 27 November, gathered in Piazza Castello in Turin to join the national demonstration organized by CGIL, CISL and UIL. Between fears and hopes, we look at the slow economic recovery which, however, is threatened by the shadow of a new wave of covids. The trade unions ask the government to be taken into consideration in the discussion on the State Budget Law.

“We must enhance and consolidate the first signs of economic recovery after the serious health emergency of 2020”, said Luigi Sbarra, the secretary general of the CISL, “The signs of recovery are encouraging, but they must be consolidated and strengthened with a government strategy that leverages the restart of public investments which are a necessary condition for generating and stimulating private investments “.

This is why the trade unions are asking for resources to be allocated on the subject of infrastructures, on a new vision of industrial policy, to support the weaker sections of the population, to create new job opportunities for young people and women. A recipe, that of the trade unions, which however cannot ignore other policies, those of containing the pandemic.

“We must deepen the vaccination campaign”, explained Sbarra, “We are committed to strictly enforce the safety protocols that we have signed as social partners and the Government in the workplace. We must strictly enforce the contents of the decrees in green pass mode. We must ask the Government to speed up the third dose of vaccination. Finally, we renew the invitation, as we have been doing since August, to the Government and Parliament to assess the need to adopt a legislative provision that establishes the obligation to vaccinate to all citizens “.

The super green pass therefore for the unions is not the solution: “It may be a useful solution, but in our opinion it is not sufficient to stop the restart of the epidemiological curve”, concluded Sbarra. Hence the invitation to all workers: “Get vaccinated”.


Turin November Unions Piazza Castello

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