Cannabis, on the legalization of the clash between Andrea Orlando and Matteo Salvini-

Cannabis, on the legalization of the clash between Andrea Orlando and Matteo Salvini-
Cannabis, on the legalization of the clash between Andrea Orlando and Matteo Salvini-
from Alessandra Arachi

About half of the government ministers attended the conference on drugs in Genoa, the first institutional one in 12 years. It was organized by the minister of youth policies with the delegation to drugs Fabiana Dadone

About half of the government ministers spoke on Saturday morning in Genoa at the conference on drugs, wanted by the pentastellata minister Fabiana Dadone. And immediately a debate arises on the topic, at a distance, on legalization of cannabis between the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando (Pd) and the leader of the League Matteo Salvini.

At the conference Orlando began by citing a dramatic fact: Every year in our country there is more than one death a day from an overdose. This shows how the repressive approach of recent years has not taken on the frailty. An international line is needed for the fight against drugs. When a partner that is not exactly irrelevant and an ally that is not exactly negligible like Germany seems to change profoundly (the reference to the government program announced by Olaf Scholz, the next premier, which also talks about legal cannabis
, ed), I believe it is inevitable that some reflection will also be made in our country, also because that choice will determine reflections that will also affect our country, whether we like it or not, in a single market without borders.

Salvini replied the controversy immediately: it is very worrying that a minister of the Republic, rather than listening to the many recovery community who heroically save thousands of kids and fight addictions every day, you talk lightly about drugs. The League from the side of life and young people: the Minister of Labor takes care of workers, temporary workers and redundant workers, let families, experts and communities deal with the fight against drugs. Minister Dadone also intervened on the choice to liberalize cannabis made by the new German government: It is a choice that Italy should evaluate but we must be able to reach a majority in Parliament. this is the delicate point. The power on that front rests with parliamentary competence, the government must do some preliminary work, and I say this with extreme humility, so that the government can make the right decision. The voice of Giorgia Meloni is added to the controversy: Fratelli d’Italia reiterates its absolute opposition to the legalization and liberalization of cannabis. The words of Ministers Orlando and Dadone during the National Conference on Drug Policies send a devastating message,

No to ideological barriers, let’s look at the data

The Minister of Regional Affairs had already attended the conference on legalization Mariastella Gelmini, Forza Italia: I say clearly that I am part of a thought, of a cultural current, which is not only opposed to any form of legalization of any type of narcotic substance, but I am also convinced that there is no freedom to take drugs but that state action can and should focus only on drug release.

At the opening of the conference, the minister Dadone had recommended: I would like some trials to start again from Genoa, which then give rise to a organic, inclusive change, without ideological barriers, without a preconceptual dualism: we all face together the alarms that are widespread. Let’s not just focus on what our beliefs are. Let’s look at the data, the annual report clearly states that children in particular are very careful about getting the new psychoactive substances. This too, he added, must push not only the representatives of the state but all those who deal with the phenomenon to ask themselves what prompts the children to fill this void. We must therefore intervene first. And we must all work together: Government, Parliament, Europe, territories, associations and communities and I hope that at the end of this Conference, thanks to the document that will be produced, not only will there be the action plan that we will have to adopt at the government level but there will be also an important discussion in legislative terms to update what the Consolidated Law of ’90 is.

The national anti-Mafia prosecutor, Federico Cafiero de Raho, also spoke. These are orientations that are beginning to find space at the international level, in the last meeting of the UN commission there was a strong orientation on the changes in the policy of prohibition.

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