No green pass, Arco della Pace event on Saturday 27 November 2021

Over a hundred people at the unannounced no green pass garrison in Piazza del Duomo, starting at 5pm. The demonstrators sat down for a sit-in surrounded by the police in riot gear. Among the slogans, various insults to Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Minister of Health Roberto Speranza. After 6pm a part of the demonstrators tried to start a march towards Via Torino.

On the other hand, about four hundred people attended the announced garrison at the Arco della Pace against the green pass for three in the afternoon on Saturday 27 November. The police guarded all sides of Piazza Sempione, to avoid gatherings and marches to start.

The ‘mobilization’ of a million people announced by the 28-year-old ‘Zeno’ Molgora, considered one of the main animators of the Telegram channel no green pass’ No Green-pass! Now stop! Italian Movement ‘and the Facebook group’ No Green Pass Now Enough !! Part 2 ‘, also hosted on television, which was subjected to a house search by the police. In his house, the agents found two registered weapons (he has a license for sporting use) but also a ‘survivor’ knife, a brass knuckle and a hatchet. But also, on the phone, a thousand green passes in the name of just as many people. The 28-year-old was denounced for instigation to commit a crime and receiving stolen goods.

Denounced 62 years old, he attacked journalists

As the weeks go by, it seems that the no green pass movement is ‘deflating’: on the occasion of the demonstrations on the last two Saturdays, the police managed to ‘cage’ those who intended to parade in Piazza del Duomo. The new line of the prefecture is clear: if the route is not agreed, the demonstrations are still allowed, but in static form. Attempts to start a march were extinguished in the bud. But it must also be said that most of the thousands of people who regularly participate in the marches have nothing to do with those who go around armed or instigate violence against institutions or journalists.

And precisely with reference to the attacks on information operators, in these days a 62-year-old man was identified and reported, Mauro Giuseppe Spinella, who, on the occasion of the demonstration on 13 November, had prevented two La7 journalists from carrying out the their work and to exercise the right and duty to report. Together with other people, the man had surrounded the crew, moved the camera and covered the lens. He will answer for private violence, aggravated by the fact of being misrepresented at the time of the attack. At home the carabinieri found a periscope truncheon and a brass knuckle.


green pass Arco della Pace event Saturday November

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