The super green pass, immediately

172 of November 26, 2021, establishing the super green pass, was published in the Official Gazette. The fewer restrictions for vaccinated and recovered people, introduced by the latest provision, will debut in Friuli Venezia Giulia as early as 29 November. In the yellow and orange areas, the decree will enter into force immediately, anticipating the original starting date set for Monday 6 December by one week. With the exception of Friuli Venezia Giulia, which will enter the yellow zone from Monday, in the rest of the country the rules will become effective from 6 December.

In the text it is written in black and white that there is no obligation to certify for those under the age of 12, both in the “basic” and in the “super” version. For the rest, the provisions already communicated in recent days are confirmed. In the regions in the white and yellow zones, most of the activities can only be carried out by super green pass holders. Even in the orange zone, the further restrictions will only apply to those who are not vaccinated. In the red zone, however, limitations and closures will be triggered for everyone. Let’s see in detail what changes.

What is the super green pass

The enhanced certification or super green pass can only be obtained by those who have been vaccinated against or recovered from Covid for less than 6 months. It is not up to whoever tests negative for a swab. With the new decree, the duration of the vaccine green pass will be 9 months instead of 12.

The super green pass in the white, yellow and orange area

Starting from December 6 and until January 15 (in Friuli from November 29) many places of culture, entertainment and free time will be accessible only to those with the super green pass: included in the list of cinemas, theaters, stadiums and sports halls sports, indoor bars and restaurants, parties, discos and various ceremonies. The negative result of a tampon will no longer be enough.

To take subways, buses and trams, you just need to have the “green pass base” (ie the certificate obtained with a negative test valid for 48 hours if antigenic and 72 hours if molecular). And the same goes for going to work, getting on long-distance trains and doing sports indoors in swimming pools and gyms (but to go to change and take a shower in the changing room you will need the Super Green Pass). On the other hand, there is no need for a green pass to have a coffee at the bar counter, to go to restaurants with outdoor tables. So far the rules valid in the yellow or white regions.

In the orange areas, the super green pass will be required to access ski resorts, fairs, conferences, spas and theme and amusement parks, bars and outdoor restaurants. In the red zone the rules will be the same for everyone, vaccinated or not. It will be possible to move only for ascertained necessity, urgency, work or health reasons and the self-certification will return.

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