Alessandria protagonist in Italian capitals

ALEXANDRIA – The broadcast “Capitals of Italy” this Saturday he showed ai TV2000 viewers all the beauties of Alexandria. The travel program conducted by Mario Placidini told the story with pictures and interviews Citadel of Alexandria, la Cathedral, he asked her to Santa Maria di Castello and San Giovannino, historians palaces Cuttica, Ghilini, Palatium Vetus, the Library ed i Civic Museums.

During the episode, many characters linked to the history and territory of Alessandria were remembered, such as Antonio Ghislieri, a native of Bosco Marengo, who became Pope Pius V on 7 January 1566, Umberto Eco, Giuseppe Borsalino, Carlo Carrà and Napoleone Bonaparte, triumphant the June 14, 1800 in the Battle of Marengo. The broadcast also gave space to the presentation of some traditional dishes and told other curiosities of Alessandria through interviews with the Mayor Gianfranco Cuttica of Revigliasco, the Bishop Mons.Guido Gallese, the Councilor for Commerce and Tourism Mattia Roggero, the restaurateur Andrea Nari and the president of the special company “Building Together”, Cristina Antoni.

The episode will be broadcast on Tv2000 on Sunday 28 November at 6:20 and again on Sunday 5 December at 12:15. You will then find the bet also on website


Alessandria protagonist Italian capitals

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