“Happy, the killing will be stopped” – Corriere.it

“Happy, the killing will be stopped” – Corriere.it
“Happy, the killing will be stopped” – Corriere.it
from Alessandro Fulloni

The solution after the meeting between the president of the parliamentary intergroup for animal rights and the president of the park Giampiero Sammuri. Alternative solutions: animals moved to wildlife areas or always to Giglio but in protected areas

The culling of mouflons on the island of Giglio has been stopped. This is the result of the confrontation and agreement between the president of the Tuscan Archipelago Park, Giampiero Sammuri, and the Honorable Michela Vittoria Brambilla, President of the Parliamentary Intergroup for Animal Rights and of the Italian League for the Defense of Animals and the Environment, which have identified alternative solutions for the protection of the life of all mouflons on the island. «The animals are safe – Brambilla announces – and this is what matters most. I am happy to have achieved this great result that puts an end to a situation that had touched the sensitivity not only of the inhabitants of Giglio but of all public opinion ». There are two possible solutions under consideration: the transfer of animals in wildlife areas where they are guaranteed an adequate condition of well-being – together with President Sammuri and Brambilla they would have already identified them – or the permanence of the mouflons on the island, but in an enclosed space to limit its impact.

Collected thousands of signatures

In recent days, the proposed resumption of the “eradication” of mouflons envisaged by the European project “Lets’go Giglio”, financed with 1.6 million euros by Italian and European taxpayers, had aroused strong protests:The “Save Giglio” committee had quickly collected thousands of signatures at the bottom of a petition which asked to spare the wild sheep population (only a few dozen) still present on the island, descending from the specimens that had been brought there in the 1950s for a conservation project. The mobilization of many Gigliesi, animal rights activists and Michela Vittoria Brambilla was immediate which had announced the submission of a complaint to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and a complaint to the European Court of Auditors. «With the funds of the EU project, in part already spent to capture some mouflons and equip them with radio collars – the former minister pointed out – it would have been possible to carry out sterilization or transfers to wildlife areas. And in any case – he added – do not be told that, in the 21st century, to remove a few dozen wild sheep from a small island, it is necessary to kill them ».

The evaluation of the Park Authority

On Friday evening, the direct confrontation between Sammuri and the parliamentarian from Fi was decisive, which ended with the decision to stop the killing (provision immediately given at the end of the meeting) and to save the life of mouflons by adopting alternative solutions: the transfer of animals to wildlife areas capable of guaranteeing their well-being or the creation of a closed reserve on the island, where they can stay and spend their lives in peace. This last solution would also meet the requests of citizens who would not want to remove the mouflons, but it will be the Park board that will evaluate which of the two paths, shared with the animal rights parliamentarian, to adopt.

Brambilla: “Wildlife must be protected”

In the meantime, it was agreed to stop the killing immediately. «I am satisfied – says Brambilla – for this important result. We managed to save the animals and to ensure the protection of their well-being throughout their lives. The dialogue and constructive confrontation with the park management, whom I thank, were crucial. I also thank the mayor of Giglio Ortelli for having contributed to this result and all those who spent their time defending the mouflons and ending the killings. As I have often had occasion to say, wildlife must be protected, not sacrificed to particular interests. I am and will always be at the forefront, to be the voice of those who have no voice and to interpret the instances of millions of Italians who love animals and want to see them respected ».

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