“Take care of yourself.” Here’s what happened to her

“Take care of yourself.” Here’s what happened to her
“Take care of yourself.” Here’s what happened to her

Alessia Mancini from the hospital bed he lets his parents know fan that is fine. The host took a selfie from the hospital bed Saint Eugene of Rome, where she is in fact hospitalized in these hours after having undergone an operation.

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Mancini does not specify the type of intervention undergone, nor does she speak of the health problem she had, but invites her followers to take care of themselves by writing in the caption of the post: “A heartfelt thanks to all the staff (doctors and others) who took care of me. Please take care of yourself… always. prevention”. In recent days Alessia had made fans understand that she was hospitalized and not feeling well with stories and small clues: “As soon as I recover my strength, I prepare a nice sweet … I fasted since yesterday, a hunger”, she wrote, doing understand that you are not in optimal health conditions.

There have been many messages of support from her fans and next to her there is always her husband Flavio Montrucchio, who went to see her immediately after the surgery, as shown in a clip in which the two joke about the fact that he, equipped with a mask and suit, you look a lot like a surgeon.

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