Fisco: Landini, we are not willing to act as spectators – Economy

Fisco: Landini, we are not willing to act as spectators – Economy
Fisco: Landini, we are not willing to act as spectators – Economy

The Minister of Economy, Daniele Franco, summoned the trade unions to the MEF on Monday 29 November at 7 pm on the subject of taxation. It is learned from union sources.

“If there is a tax negotiation, it cannot be that they call us to tell us what the majority has decided and to inform us. The government and the parties must know that if they think that this is the relationship with the workers, they are not going anywhere. We are not willing to act as spectators. “
Thus the general secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini: “To make a real tax reform more than 8 billion are needed, these first 8 must begin to increase the income from work and retirement starting from the lowest ones, there can be no operation that protects middle-to-high incomes “.

“The government is still discussing internally, we await the convocation because we want to bring our evaluations, our elaborations and our proposals to that table”. Luigi Sbarra, secretary general of the CISL, said this at the demonstration of the Piedmont workers in Turin. “I consider this first allocation of the Stability Law a piece in view of the discussion that we will have to have with the government on the overall radical and structural reform of the fiscal and tax system. We must reduce the rates, lower the brackets, work on deductions and no tax area to bring benefits to employees and retirees “, underlined Sbarra.

Cut the wedge by reducing the contributions paid by workers by two thirds and by a third those on businesses for more wages and competitiveness. Interviewed by Corriere della Sera, the president of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi criticizes the maneuver and the agreement on the tax authorities and points out a different path. The PNRR, he explains, can give additional growth of one and a half points, but measures are needed for the recovery of GDP. And on the tax cut, ‘eight billion is few, at least 13 would be needed’, on the income tax ‘there is no real support for the weaker groups, the greatest discount is on the 40-45 thousand euro income bracket, for businesses there is no ‘It is nothing’.


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