the two kiss and Soleil makes the third inconvenience

(The video of the confrontation between Delia Duran and Alex Belli)

Delia Duran after having done the quarantine entered the house of the Gf Vip to talk to her husband and finally clarify. Before its entry, however, the production aired a summary video of the friendship between Alex Belli and Soleil. Among the various effusions there are also phrases that are very difficult for a woman to digest, such as “Do you feel my heart? I will do everything to make you happy”. The former face of Men and Women explained: “I feel his heart”.

Gf Vip: Delia does not speak with Soleil and clarifies with her husband

“What I had to say to Soleil I have already said. I want to speak only with Alex” thus begins the entry into the House of Delia. The freeze goes off and she goes inside where she meets Alex Belli and tells him:

“Five months ago, we exchanged vows of marriage. Three years have passed since fate brought us together. I want clarification. I don’t want to ruin your path, but know that you have a partner out to whom you have promised respect, love, loyalty. But there haven’t been any major changes since we spoke. I asked you to show me respect. It’s okay that you have made friends, but the attitudes you have had are viewed very badly outside the house. Soleil is not to blame. of all this, you have more than her. Last time I didn’t want to see you because I wanted to give you time to understand my disappointment. I want you to explain to me and to the people who love you, what is happening. I’m not understanding it either. “

Alex Belli hugged her and wanted to kiss her: “There’s nothing, trust me. Look into my eyes. Let me talk because it’s very important. I love you, there’s nothing, trust me.” Delia was moved: “I smile when you smile, I’m sad when you are sad. These gestures bother me, you know. Do you love me? Give me respect. If I did these things out with another man? Out of the things I have saw they made me suffer. What are kisses on the neck? You have to give me justifications. ” While she was speaking, Delia pushed Alex away, she also put her hands between their faces because she wanted to avoid the kiss with her husband just to talk, to understand.

“But if I tell you there is nothing, forget it, don’t come against me. Here we play games, we do product placement”, Belli was convincing because in the end the two kissed. “I won’t let you go away my love, are you staying for dinner? Come on, stay!” Belli started asking.

The authors then asked Soleil to join the couple, but she felt the third inconvenience and therefore stayed for a while in the kitchen. Delia’s triumphal entry ended with her and Soleil agreeing to have Alex Belli do situps.

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