Tir reverses and crashes into a car

A U-turn by a truck driver caused a massive crash on the motorway. It happened at ten to midnight on Friday 26 November on the A4 at Agrate Brianza, between the toll booth and the Teem junction, towards Venice.

The heavy vehicle, with a foreign license plate, reversed the gear with a maneuver that was risky to say the least. From the other side a car was coming and the impact was violent and inevitable. The accident caused the closure of the motorway to allow help to arrive as soon as possible and then clear the roadway.

The 118 health workers rushed to the scene and treated the motorist, a fifty-six-year-old man, then transporting him in yellow code to the emergency room of the Niguarda in Milan, where he is still hospitalized in serious condition but not in danger of life. Also present were the patrols of the Novate Milanese traffic police.


Tir reverses crashes car

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