the startlist of the GS of Killington, with strong weather risk

Today at 16.00 Italian the start of the 1st heat, opened by Petra Vlhova (Gut-Behrami with 5, Shiffrin to follow), but a lot of snow has arrived in Vermont and strong winds are blowing. Start lowered, but we will try to compete with seven blue on the track.

It will not be easy, because the weather is also on the east coast of the United States and in Killington, for the weekend dedicated to technical disciplines, it will be two days of passion.

The second female giant of the World Cup season is scheduled on the “Superstar”, over a month after Soelden, for the great return of the top circuit in Vermont: appointment at 4.00 pm Italian time (10.00 local time) for the first heat, traced by Alejo Hervas (who personally follows Lara Gut-Behrami), with the second at 7.00 pm based on a design by Paolo Deflorian for the Italian house. The unknown factor, however, is linked to the conditions given that it continued to snow heavily, after the morning rain on the eve (and consequent cancellation of the skiing on the track), yesterday evening in Killington.

There is also strong wind (not new in these parts), and here there will be a lowered start, as long as it is possible to compete, as happened in 2019 when he won, with heats of just over 45 seconds (there are about seventy meters of difference in height less than a track that is already short enough), Marta Bassino in front of Federica Brignone.

The Cuneo-based woman, who wants to put aside the exit on the Rettenbach, will be the first of the seven blue ones at the start with the bib number 3, while Brignone (winner here in 2018 and second two years ago in the last edition) caught the 7th and Sofia Goggia, in the second sub-group, bib 8. Here then Curtoni with 17, Pichler with 41, Midali with 44 and Melesi with 47 on the 62 athletes competing.

To open Petra Vlhova, fresh from the double slalom in Levi and also from the podium in Soelden, again leading the overall World Cup on a par with Mikaela Shiffrin, who seeks the first success between the wide doors on the “Superstar” with the bib red conquered in the opening: bib 6 for the American, between the two we find Gisin with 2 and, after Bassino, Tess Worley with 4 and Lara Gut-Behrami with 5, she who has never done well in Killington (two 19th places), but who returns to the race after Lech / Zuers and above all the great 2nd place in Soelden.

In the second sub-group, in series after Goggia we will have Siebenhofer, Hrovat, Liensberger, Robinson, Gasienica-Daniel, O’Brien and Sara Hector, in great shape and with the n ° 15, which risks already representing an important handicap, such as the 16 by Wendy Holdener left the first group. Attention to Stephanie Brunner (n ° 18), fourth and third in Vermont between 2017 and 2018 (her only podium in CdM), but also to Grenier (21) and in Norway at Tviberg (25) and Stjernesund (37) , with Slokar (28) among them.

Fingers crossed that everything can go on stage regularly.



Start list 1 ^ some: 1 Vlhova, 2 Gisin, 3 Bassino, 4 Worley, 5 Gut-Behrami, 6 Shiffrin, 7 Brignone, 8 Goggia, 9 Siebenhofer, 10 Hrovat, 11 Liensberger, 12 Robinson, 13 Gasienica-Daniel, 14 O’Brien, 15 Hector, 17 Curtoni, 41 Pichler, 44 Midali, 47 Melesi.

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