«The Savoyard treasure at Villa Reale. We, an alternative to the Quirinale »- Corriere.it

«The Savoyard treasure at Villa Reale. We, an alternative to the Quirinale »- Corriere.it
«The Savoyard treasure at Villa Reale. We, an alternative to the Quirinale »- Corriere.it
from Rosella Redaelli

After the Dataroom investigation, the mayor Allevi proposes the Monza palace for the display of Queen Margherita’s jewels, kept for 75 years in a vault of the Bank of Italy

“Villa Reale would be the ideal setting to host the jewels of the House of Savoy in its rooms”. Mayor Dario Allevi, president of the management consortium, launches the candidacy of the Monza palace after the Dataroom investigation of the Courier service which traces the history of the Savoyard treasure preserved for 75 years in caveau of the Bank of Italy and never exhibited to the public. “Due to the link between Monza and the history of the sovereigns, I see only two possible places: the Quirinale and our Royal Palace“. If the possibility of being able to exhibit in the city the two thousand pearls of Queen Margherita and the 6,732 diamonds mounted on necklaces, bracelets and diadems is still a dream, the reality with which Mayor Allevi has to deal is the management of a Palace that has reopened since six months, after the termination of the contract with the private concessionaire who is now asking for damages for 10 million euros. “We will have the first hearing on January 22 – continues the mayor – we will respond blow by blow to the accusations made and we will ask for damages for the inertia shown in the enhancement and maintenance of the monument”.

After the handover of the keys in March the Villa reopened its doors for visits from 29 May with 9,000 visitors in one week. “We found ourselves changing our skin at any moment, passing from control body to manager with only 16 employees against 90 of Venaria Reale. We have registered 35 thousand visitors in six months, but we are moving with caution, taking the steps that our budget allows us. Until today the Villa has been open only on Saturday and Sunday, but we have decided for Christmas an extraordinary opening from December 26th to January 9th“. Visitors who choose to travel by train will have the opportunity to visit the waiting room of the King in the station frescoed by Mosè Bianchi with the volunteers of the Amici dei Musei association and then continue towards the Royal Palace through the historic center. The Christmas opening will also be a test in view of a three-day extension of the opening to the public. An operation that however has a cost. “Opening the Villa costs 5,000 euros a day, so I asked for a contribution of 400,000 euros to all the consortium members (Municipalities of Monza, Milan, Ministry, Region, Chamber of Commerce, Assolombarda) to be able to face a third day of an opening that would allow us to enter the national system of museums and have access to funds that we do not have now ».

Today the sale of tickets is not enough to cover expenses: the capacity inside is 1,800 people per day, but traveling on an average of 400 bookings per day. There is still no program of exhibitions capable of attracting the large numbers that the Piermarini complex deserves: “By January we want to set up a Technical Scientific Committee that the Royal Palace has never had and we have opened a technical table with the Ministry which must have a role central in management. Collaboration agreements are in progress with other Italian palaces, with Palazzo Reale in Milan and La Scala for a path to enhance the Monza-Milan axis ». For the restart of the Palace, a tariff is also worked out for the rental of rooms for public and private events. The conclusion of the study of the masterplan who will decide how to spend the 32 million euros of the agreement with the Region: “The priority is the completion of the restoration of the monument with the recovery of the north wing”.

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