My love, I will never let you go, Soleil Sorge attends the scene

Big Brother Vip 2021/2022

The confrontation between Delia Duran and Alex Belli at Big Brother Vip was less “angry” than expected. The two, after a brief clarification and a few tears, kissed each other full of passion.

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Big Brother Vip 2021/2022

Delia Duran was the guest of the episode of Big Brother Vip on Friday 26 November. It finally went on stage the comparison with Alex Belli. Before entering the house, the actress and model explained to Alfonso Signorini: “I’m asking for an apology. Alex isn’t acting, I’m surprised she has this attitude. Don’t you want me to go into the house? When there is love, there is also respect“This is how the confrontation took place.

Delia Duran refuses to speak to Soleil Sorge

First, Alfonso Signorini showed Soleil Sorge a video that summarized all the best moments spent with Alex Belli. The actor, in the film, said to Soleil: “Do you feel my heart? I will do everything to make you happy“. The former face of Men and Women explained:”I feel his heart. Why is he afraid of our friendship? Why do you think about how your wife might react maybe… I don’t know, I don’t understand“. The tenant, then, informed her that Delia was in the house and put them in connection. Duran, however, specified:”What I had to say to Soleil I have already said. I just want to talk to Alex“.

The confrontation between Alex Belli and Delia Duran

Alfonso Signorini asked Alex Belli for the hot massage given to Soleil Sorge, but he assured him that it was only “altruism”, generating hilarity in the studio. Then, the fateful moment arrived. The freeze went off and Delia entered the house. He immediately took the floor:

“Five months ago, we exchanged vows of marriage. Three years have passed since fate brought us together. I want clarification. I don’t want to ruin your path, but know that you have a partner out to whom you have promised respect, love, loyalty. But there haven’t been any major changes since we spoke. I asked you to show me respect. It’s okay that you have made friends, but the attitudes you have had are viewed very badly outside the house. Soleil is not to blame. of all this, you have more than her. Last time I didn’t want to see you because I wanted to give you time to understand my disappointment. I want you to explain to me and to the people who love you, what is happening. I’m not understanding it either. “

After the stop freeze, Alex Belli hugged her: “There is nothing, trust me. Look into my eyes. Let me speak because it is very important. I love you“. Delia burst into tears: “I smile when you smile, I’m sad when you’re sad. These gestures bother me, you know. Do you love me? Show me respect. What if I did these things out with another man?“.

Alex kisses Delia, Soleil joins them

Alex Belli continued to reassure Delia Duran: “But if I tell you there is nothing, forget it, don’t come against me. Here we play games, we do product placement“. His partner, however, reiterated:”Go no further. Am I with you? Sure, I’m with you“. So, they exchanged a kiss full of passion and Alex Belli begged her to stay:”I won’t let you go my love anymore“. Soleil Sorge was invited by the authors to join them. First she was on the sidelines to give them the right space, then she joined the couple. Delia appeared peaceful with her and before leaving, she said: “Soleil since you’re his friend, give him some sit-ups“.

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