Franco Bortuzzo on the possibility that Manuel will leave Gf Vip 6 in December …

Franco Bortuzzo is undoubtedly the most die-hard fan of his son Manuel, currently in the House of Big Brother Vip 6. An adventure undertaken on 13 September last and lived almost in symbiosis, albeit at a distance, thanks to the indissoluble bond that binds his father and son.

Yet in reality Manuel is making himself known. He is transmitting important values, he is talking about himself and sharing his path especially with Aldo Montano, another sportsman with whom he has built an indissoluble bond. And it is of this and much more that he spoke on the pages of Corriere della Sera.

He is an athlete used to training. Before entering he did 50 laps every day, with the fixed thought of the Paralympics. He started swimming at the age of 4. So I have been practicing this sport for 18 years. He certainly misses the water and his coach, with whom he has created a fantastic relationship. I have seen him a little confused at times ».

Impossible not to mention the relationship with Lulù Selassié.

Is he in love or is it the context of relationships in the house that leads him to behave like this? The house does not impose anything, they are all free choices of his, I will not take the side of anyone. He is a young man who lives his relationships like all other young people. It’s a game. His business.

Thus the issue of disabilities was touched upon.

What do they say? Which is number one, no one can afford to say anything. Nobody touches the world of disability.


People do not change, if you go outside there are those who continue to park in the place reserved for the disabled, just to name an example. Not to mention the architectural barriers that continue to be present in 2021. The hope is that Manuel will be a model for other young people. He was the first person with a disability to participate in a reality show and we set a precedent. Living in her situation is not easy at all. These are important messages of hope addressed above all to those who find themselves in situations similar to yours. And it serves to make it clear that not everything can be denied.

And speaking of the 22-year-old, after the parenthesis at the Gf Vip, Mr. Franco admitted to seeing Swimming and swimming only, if a request from Mediaset to participate in a program that continues to raise awareness on the subject should arrive tomorrow morning, you might as well think about it. But swimming will be the first thing he will do. Even before the accident, Manuel used to swim with a lot of strength on his arms, and now he is able to swim with great skill. At the moment he has to decide whether to stay until March 2022 or leave the big brother’s house in mid-December. And then we are waiting for him because we have to launch his film”.

And in this regard, Franco anticipated:

I can’t reveal much. Massimiliano La Pegna’s Movieheart has acquired the rights to Manuel’s book “Rinascere”. The film is currently in the works, there are great protagonists and a respectable direction. These days I am busy with them in the capital because they need me to carefully reconstruct Manuel’s life. I can only say that my son Kevin acts as a stunt double for Manuel while swimming: only his brother was able to swim in the same style as his brother. I am proud of all my children.

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