NEXT WEEK, Freezing Attacks on Italy with Pouring Rains, Cold and more Snow. The Trend »

Weather: NEXT WEEK, Freezing Attacks on Italy with Pouring Rains, Cold and More Snow. The Trend

Next week: the winter cold arrives on ItalyFreezing attacks throughout the next week. We have been talking about it for several days now, but it is icy jolt is now imminent. More come today confirmations from the latest weather updates: starting from Monday 29, a arctic saber, coming from the North Pole, will descend on the Mediterranean, causing heavy rains, cold and as well snowfall at very low altitude. Subsequently other very cold impulses will accompany us until the beginning of December.

But let’s go in order to chart a trend its temperatures and precipitation waited in Italy.

Taking a look at the European chessboard we can see how in the course of Monday 29 November a too muchvery cold air (classic saber), directly downhill from North Pole, will make its peremptory entry into the heart of Central Europe. Subsequently, this depression did will plunge into the Mediterranean basin deepening between the lower Tyrrhenian and Ionian and triggering a bad weather phase, also due to the strong thermal contrasts that will be created.

Real and proper are therefore not to be excluded storms, with cumulative rainfall up to 100 mm (100 liters per square meter) in a short time: the regions most at risk will be Lazio, Campania, Basilicata, Molise, Puglia, Calabria, Sardinia and Sicily. Snow will also return on the Apennines and on the Sardinian mountains with flakes at very low altitude for this period and up to 500/600 meters. Maximum attention then to the cold winds that will blow from the northern quadrants (Bora and Mistral) all over Italy. Especially on the two major islands are planned stormy gusts at over 100 km / h with the more than concrete risk of storm surges

More stable weather in the North, but here the news will be mainly the temperature. The cold will be really intense, with values ​​that will drop below 0 ° C at night and no more than 8 ° C during the day in the plains. So prepare heavier clothes as, at least during the night and early morning hours, we could easily experience the first extended frosts of the season up to the plain.

Subsequently, after a short dry and mostly sunny break, from the day of Wednesday 1st December a further unstable front fed by currents descending from Northern Europe will deepen on our seas, triggering yet another wave of bad weather, with the risk of thunderstorms and intense rains first on the regions of the Center-South and on the two Major Islands in extension then also to the North (especially Emilia Romagna and Triveneto). In short, it seems that winter has decided to make the big voice right away with important consequences also in view of the start of the new month of December.

Next week: from Monday 29 November freezing attacks. Storms on the Major Islands


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