Crozza’s ironic monologue on Salvini: “Without Morisi it’s over, Draghi listens to him as if he were facing Flavia Vento”

In the new episode of Brothers of Crozza – in the early evening on the New e in streaming su Discovery+ – Maurizio Crozza concludes his monologue by criticizing the monopoly of pharmaceutical companies on vaccines: “But now that Big Pharma has already made the coup of the century, couldn’t they be satisfied? No, I say you liberalize patents … vaccinate poor countries and so, among other things, you also fuck variants. Does it seem possible to you that there are billions of human beings at risk and a dozen people who make us more and more wheat? The fact is that the real virus is our greed“.

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Crozzas ironic monologue Salvini Morisi Draghi listens facing Flavia Vento

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