Family killed by Covid, Michela’s story: “I still don’t believe it, I’m trying to get up”

Family killed by Covid, Michela’s story: “I still don’t believe it, I’m trying to get up”
Family killed by Covid, Michela’s story: “I still don’t believe it, I’m trying to get up”

MASSAROSA. From the Versilia hospital they contacted her just last week, to return her brother Carmine’s glasses. That brother that Covid took away from her a year ago these days, together with dad Felice first and mom Carmela then. Almost a sort of fury on those who, after twelve months, try to go on with great effort and dignity and instead find themselves thrown back into the vortex.

While grieving may already be difficult, let alone three in one fell swoop Michela Rozza, the last remaining of the unfortunate family of Massarosa together with another brother who lives in Florence. “I still find it hard to believe it, I can’t metabolize what happened – she says today – all three of them were torn away from me alive and returned to me in a box”.

The first to get sick was Carmine Rozza, 47, worker in a company in Viareggio: it was the first days of November when one evening he fainted at home – he lived with his parents – and was immediately hospitalized. The following day, too, the father, 70, and the mother, 67, suddenly lost consciousness and were rushed to Versilia. Covid took away Felice Rozza on November 19, then four days later it was the turn of Carmine and, finally, on December 11 he died as well Carmela Petillo “Who fought like a lioness for four weeks.” What happened in those days “I don’t know, I still can’t give me answers: I remember that Carmine was fine on Monday morning, she seemed to be getting better and then they called me in the evening to tell me that she was dying in bed”. Woe to you, however, to believe that Michela questions the existence of the virus. Quite the contrary: «Not at all, I’m a social and health worker, we see cases every day. Covid is there and it will be there for a long time, we will have to learn to live with it: I have completed the entire vaccination cycle and I have also had the one against the flu. And no, it is not true that the virus only affects those with severe diseases: my parents and my brother had nothing. But it is not true that I, my partner and my daughter had been infected, as it was initially said: we always went to eat with them and we put ourselves in quarantine, but we never tested positive “.

After a year, the pain just doesn’t seem to go away, or at least to fade away. And not even Michela’s anger: “We felt alone – adds Michela – the then mayor of Massarosa Alberto Coluccini he had declared that he would be available for psychological support, in the end we had to provide for ourselves: slowly we try to get up, imagine the shock for my seventeen-year-old daughter. As for the sanitation of my parents’ apartment that was promised to us, then we have never seen anyone ». His, he makes clear, is a simple outburst on the occasion of the sad anniversary: ​​«We didn’t ask for anything, just a little psychological support. And, in light of the unfulfilled promises, we had to make do “. Fortunately, however, there were also those who helped Michela: “Eleonora Ceragioli and all the friends of the New Bar Vittoria in Lido di Camaiore have always been close to us, yes. I’d also like to thank the lawyer Attilio Slaves: unfortunately the succession procedure has not yet been closed and he is taking care of it for me and my other brother ».


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