how much is the new holding worth

The curtain falls on Mediaset and it is born Media For Europe, the new holding company of the Biscione which will have its registered office in Holland but with the maintenance of the production heart in the historic location of Cologno Monzese. The operation had been planned for some time, but in recent months we have seen a decisive acceleration for the future of the company.

On Thursday 25 November, the shareholders’ meeting gave the green light to the change of name: at the same time the issue of the new market shares of categories A and B was also approved. Both the historic French partner voted in favor Vivendi (also affected in recent days by the Tim affair) and Simon (the trust company through which the transalpine group holds 19% of Mediaset), as well as of course the shareholders of Fininvest, which will maintain control over the group with 50.9% of the voting rights.

The double category of shares approved at the meeting

“We are very satisfied with this double step” explained the vice president and CEO of Mediaset, Pier Silvio Berlusconi: “We approved the creation of Mfe Media For Europe in the Netherlands and the introduction of the dual-category share structure. These great innovations and the excellent economic results achieved allow us to look to the future also with a view to international development”.

At first, only the category A shares. Their admission to the Stock Exchange is in fact the necessary prerequisite for the consequent implementation of the new shareholding structure: then, at the end of this step, the shares B. However, the name Media For Europe already appeared on the list the following day as the new abbreviation of the old Mediaset titles. The distribution will in any case be fully effective from next January 1, 2022.

International perspectives after peace with Vivendi for Biscione

Category A and B shares will have the same par value (equivalent to € 0.60 each) and will be distributed to the shareholders of Mediaset in a manner proportional to the current situation, ie in compliance with the quantity of each old security held. Shareholders will retain the same property rights (i.e. dividends), but will have different voting rights: it will be worth 1 for each category A product, while it will rise to 10 for B.

This double typology “is functional to the creation of a large one pan-European group in the entertainment and content sector, as it will provide greater flexibility for financing any others future operations, which we are already discussing ”concluded Pier Silvio Berlusconi on the sidelines of the assembly.

The eldest son of the former prime minister – evidently satisfied with the outcome of the transition and with the newfound good relations with Vivendi (after the countless legal proceedings with the president of the group Vincent Bollorè) – finally added as for the Biscione these changes represent “a fundamental step to continue with the creation of an international pole that can lead our sector, becoming the leading company just as Mediaset has been in Italy and Spain for over 40 years”.

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