Anti-Covid vaccine, the third dose for all adults in Emilia Romagna is underway

After the opening of the agendas from last Monday for 40-59 year olds, from next Wednesday, in Emilia-Romagna all adults will be able to book the third dose, as indicated by the national commissioner, if five months have already passed since the completion of the vaccination cycle. This was announced by the Region, after the Councilor for Health Raffaele Donini took stock of the situation on the progress of the infections and the vaccination campaign in the afternoon.

“Now we get to the heart of the organization for the additional dose – explains Donini – it is essential to proceed quickly. We are ready to incorporate the new national guidelines that establish to start the administration from 1 December for all citizens aged 18 and over who have the primary cycle has been completed for at least five months and the healthcare companies are finalizing the organizational details for this further enlargement of the audience “.

From next Monday, November 29, among other things, it will also be possible to book, cancel or move the appointment for the third dose even in local pharmacies with the FarmaCup service. Furthermore, by the end of next week, it will also be possible to get vaccinated at the pharmacy if the pharmacy is among those that have joined the campaign.

“Our priority always remains the most fragile and above all those who have not yet started the vaccination cycle – Donini reiterates – our appeal goes to them. Science and numbers say that the vaccine is the only way out of the pandemic, vaccinate yourselves for the good of you and of the whole community. At the same time it is right and duty on the part of everyone to continue to pay the utmost attention and respect the rules, in order to maintain that normality achieved at such a hard price “. (source Dire)


AntiCovid vaccine dose adults Emilia Romagna underway

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