a Roma Tpl driver dies

Against parked cars, after a few meters without practically control. It happened last night in via della Magliana. The damage to parked cars and the bus accident, however, are only the consequence of what happened before, or a driver of the Roma Tpl vehicle taken ill, as a result of which he unfortunately lost his life.

The 45-year-old man, just before midnight, was driving a bus of the 711 line when, as a result of an illness, he lost control of the vehicle, ended up against the cars parked at street number 281. Immediate intervention of health workers who have practiced resuscitation for a long time, unfortunately without success. The 45-year-old was then pronounced dead.

On the spot the agents of the IX Eur group of the local police of Rome Capital who took care of the necessary investigations. The bus was empty at that time and no other injuries were recorded.


Roma Tpl driver dies

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