“Don’t invite unvaccinated relatives at Christmas”

“Don’t invite unvaccinated relatives at Christmas”
“Don’t invite unvaccinated relatives at Christmas”

«It is too early to draw conclusions on the new South African variant. The cases are few and the data fragmented. We first need to know how much more diffuse it is than the Delta variant and how much it escapes the vaccine-induced immune response. In the worst case scenario – increased diffusivity and ability to escape the vaccine’s immune response – we would have to do a booster with the modified vaccine dose. After all, it takes a few days to change the genetic sequence in the mRna vaccine and create a spike with the new variant. Then we have to wait for a small clinical study and the new production. Moderna has already developed a modified vaccine for the Beta variant, which however has never managed to supplant the Delta ». Sergio Abrignani, full professor at the University of Milan, as well as a member of the scientific technical committee, is an immunologist who knows the world of viruses and vaccines very well.

Minister Speranza has already blocked flights from South Africa.

«Right to close, many are doing it, let’s try to mitigate any risk».

But let’s run for the third dose.

«The recall is needed: a strong immune response is reacquired and triggers a long memory response in the effector cells. For similarity with other vaccines, the booster, I would say that it could immunize us for years ».

Barring new unforeseen variants?

«Already now we are experiencing a phase with Delta, the most devastating of the variants, infectious three times the original. But thanks to vaccines, there are 83 daily deaths compared to 850 deaths in the same period last year ».

What grade do you give to the new decree on the super green pass?

“Great. In Italy, those who are vaccinated or cured can lead the same life as before the Beast arrived. With few limitations and the proper use of the mask ».

Wouldn’t the Ffp2 mask be useful instead of the pass with the pad on public transport?

«The pass is useful and is an obligation subjected to a sample. The use of FFP2 would further mitigate the risk of spreading the virus ».

In the decree the validity of 48 hours remained for the antigenic ones.

“In an ideal world, those tampons should only be used to access single events, because in 20-30 percent of cases they don’t capture the positive.”

Could the reinforced Green pass convince the undecided?

«It is a reward tool. Those who get vaccinated can have a normal life and Christmas back. And of those seven million unvaccinated, at least 5 are just hesitant and I think they will get vaccinated ».

Optimistically, two million no vaxes remain.

“For them either we put the obligation and sanction the transgressors, or we do not recover them”.

The infections increase. What are the predictions for Christmas?

«We are in the growth phase. Models tell us that in a few weeks we could have 20-30,000 cases. But we hope to stop soon ».

How do we behave with no vax relatives during family dinners?

“Every guest should swab in the hours before meetings. However, I would not invite relatives who were not vaccinated ».

Many raise doubts about vaccines for children. Is the obligation utopian?

«For me, all vaccines should be mandatory in all age groups. However, we must have faith in science: the regulatory authorities and pediatric societies are not a band of wretches who want us badly: if they say that the vaccine is safe, effective and recommend it, like so many other drugs and vaccines we give to our children. , I am convinced that mothers will not listen to pseudo-experts who know nothing about vaccines, infectious diseases and pediatrics ».

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