Friends, Sissi Cesana’s boyfriend, left by phone, triggers gossip

A few weeks after entering the school of Friends of Maria De Filippi, singer Sissi Cesana has already attracted the attention not only of the public at home and of singing teachers, but apparently also of the boys present in the talent.

After being disputed between Lorella Cuccarini, Rudy Zerbi e Anna Pettinelli, the young artist he decided to be guided by the first in this television adventure of his. But to create chatter in the last few hours on the web it was her now ex-boyfriend. Through a comment, the boy said he was dropped by the phone by Cesana. The reason? Apparently another student at the school would have caught his attention.

I’ll give you the gossip“He wrote on Instagram. “He left me on a cell phone call after a year, making excuses. The truth is she just likes that. Don’t put my *** in your posts anymore“.

Inevitably everyone has wondered, therefore, who could be “that other” to which he refers and the toto-names are going crazy among the various social network.

It will be the dancer Dario Schirone or the singer Alex? They seem to be the most popular on the web … at least for the moment.


Friends Sissi Cesanas boyfriend left phone triggers gossip

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