Italy, playoffs in March. The wait is worn out but Mancini can recover Spinazzola and Zaniolo

The play-offs for the World Cup will be played in March. It is true that waiting is wearing out, but perhaps for Italy it is better this way. Mancini, reports The Gazzetta dello Sportwill thus have the opportunity to recover key players for his national team. One for all, Spinazzola. Since the Giallorossi winger has screamed in pain against Belgium, Italy has begun to struggle terribly. It was one of the secrets of the Azzurri, he made Italy play in twelve, attacker and defender at the same time.

The other big player to recover always comes from Rome, Zaniolo. The real one, devastating, would be the turning point in attack, which in the last period has struggled a lot, so much so as to lead the federation to speed up the procedures to bring Joao Pedro to blue. The regulation allows it, the perplexities are more about the experience of the Cagliari not accustomed to international scenarios.


Italy playoffs March wait worn Mancini recover Spinazzola Zaniolo

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