NEXT Stormy HOURS! Soon bad weather with storms and snowfall over Italy. Regions at Risk »

NEXT Stormy HOURS! Soon bad weather with storms and snowfall over Italy. Regions at Risk »
NEXT Stormy HOURS! Soon bad weather with storms and snowfall over Italy. Regions at Risk »

Weather: Stormy NEXT HOURS! Soon bad weather with storms and snowfall over Italy. Regions at Risk

NEXT HOURS with still strong BAD WEATHER on some REGIONSthe next hours will return to be stormy on the meteorological front due to a repeated bad weather ready to cause new ones rains, storms and also snowfall on many regions of Italy. Responsible for this umpteenth phase of bad weather are the tense North Atlantic currents pushed towards our country by a cold and deep cyclone with engine center currently located just south of the UK and capable of negatively affecting the weather forecast on many areas of the European chessboard.

Already in these early morning the weather conditions are a bit agitated. Some rains are reported on some sections of the North like on Lombardy, Veneto e Friuli Venezia Giulia. Mists in banks they also reduce visibility on the Emilian plains and on the southernmost Veneto ones. Scattered rain showers affect the south of the Sardinia, some corners of the Lazio and to get off the Campania (here also thunderstorms), the Basilicata and the north of Calabria.

In short, there are all the conditions for experiencing a beginning of weekend far from stable.
Let’s go and see what will happen in the next hours and what will be the areas where it will hit the most bad weather.
During morning the worst weather we will find it concentrated especially on the southern Tyrrhenian area and more precisely on the lower one Lazio, cost bells e Calabria northernmost Tyrrhenian. The still relatively warm seas in contrast with the colder and unstable north Atlantic air will mean that the most intense precipitations will be concentrated especially along the coasts especially those Campania where local and sudden are not to be excluded storms especially between Neapolitan and the Salerno. They can also fall on the coasts of Lazio heavy rains in background thunderstorm.
Always in the South the weather will remain very gloomy even in Sicily where the umbrella will be needed all over the island.
On the rest of the country, the situation will remain a little quieter in the morning, except for some rain Abruzzo, Umbria, north of Tuscany and more eastern sectors of the North where some may even fall snowfall on the Alpine reliefs at altitudes around 700-800m.

Unfortunately not even for the afternoon the prospects on the front weather forecast they are particularly rosy. Indeed, in addition to the persistence of strong and persistent precipitations on the lower Tyrrhenian area where the risk of storms, more widespread rains will extend to most of the central regions, in particular the Tyrrhenian and northern regions, from Liguria at the Lombardy and fromEmilia Romagna up to much of the Triveneto in the evening. It will also get its fair share of notoriety there name which will continue to whiten many stretches of the Alpine arc around 600/700m and also the Apennine ridge at altitudes close to 1100-1200m on the central one and higher on the southern one. Not to mention the winds which will continue to blow with strong intensity especially on the Tyrrhenian and ionic side where the storm surges will be on the agenda.

This very turbulent weather scenario will unfortunately be destined to persist for the whole evening and the next night this is a prelude to a Sunday where time will continue to do so many whims.


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