Juve, Allegri’s temptation: Dybala first striker

TORINO – Dybala? Yesterday I tried him first striker, but I have to evaluate how and how much to use him against theAtalanta. I have to try to manage them all as best I can, but especially him. I want him to find an optimal condition with the minutes, because we are in the moment decisive of the season, and we need everyone: and especially Dybala ». Thoughts and words of Massimiliano Merry on the eve of the match against Atalanta. Thoughts and words, however, twist... Spoken almost 3 years ago: it was February 24 of 2018. But beware: the project is back very topical because that plan of a Dybala first anti Atalanta striker who was then shipwrecked due to bad weather (the match was postponed and Higuain had time to recover) could find fulfillment now. Precisely because Dybala is always Dybala and also because Atalanta is always theAtalanta: with its characteristics, its peculiarities, its purely game gasperinian. […]

Allegri and the temptation Dybala

[…] The temptation, in short, there is. In the case the Argentine would play at the center of a 4-3-something (Allegri dixit) completed by Morata e church deputies to offend and attack the spaces, phrasing with Dybala in the phase of possession of the black and white ball, and then called to recoil by drawing a sort of 4-5-1 in non-possession phase. A big job, for heaven’s sake, but which could give interesting results. In this first part of the season, moreover, the difficulty of the Juventus to score goals. Allegri also said it frankly: «In this moment we are penalized by the difference networks which is an irrefutable fact. Maybe from now on we will score four goals per game, I don’t know. THE goal in the legs we have them, only we have done less. We scored 18 and suffered 15. The teams in front of us conceded our goals, but scored 30, 32 and 38. Football has changed a lot but the goal difference is what makes you win the championships ». And therefore, something will have to change if we want to reverse it route.

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Juve Allegris temptation Dybala striker

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