“Ideological to merge all the left and the 5 stars”

“Italia Viva” also has its headquarters in Piacenza. The political movement of the leader Matteo Renzi opened its doors in via Borghetto at number 2, at the corner with via Cavour, in the center. The Vice President of the Chamber was present to baptize the headquarters in the late afternoon of November 26, Ettore Rosato.

One wonders, after Leopolda, if Italia Viva has abandoned the field of the center-left to embark on a more centrist experience, alone or with other forces moderate as Forza Italia or Action. “2023 – is the reflection of Rosato – it is in a geological era, speaking in political terms, now we need to focus on the priorities of the Italians, starting with the exit from the pandemic and helping the government in economic recovery. The numbers are proving us right, Italy runs more than the other European forces. But this recovery must be stabilized, it needs deep foundations ».

Italia Viva on the Draghi Government has no doubts. «The choice of field – adds Rosato – is clear from the beginning. We are the ones who brought down the Conte government which was inadequate and we are the ones who more than others strongly support the Draghi government. We are not with Draghi because we do not want elections, but because we recognize ourselves in a pro-European and reformist policy ».

Rosato is the “father” of Rosatellum, the electoral law in force for the policies which, in the next round, will see the cutting of three hundred parliamentarians between the House and Senate. «It was the electoral law voted with the widest consensus – Rosato remembers – despite the fact that it was by secret ballot. The important thing was that there was the broadest consensus. Any electoral law that suffers a cut in parliamentarians unfortunately brings less representation in the territories. We tried to explain it, in vain, in the period preceding the Referendum ».

Piacenza will be called to the polls next spring for the Municipalities. «The Administrative Elections – explains the exponent of IV – are played on the programs for the city, not on the national sides. It is important what a candidate for mayor proposes. Of course, the choice of the Democratic Party to unite all the left and the 5 Star Movement seems to me a very ideological choice, an alternative project could have been built. But I say it as a “non Piacentino”, it will be the local managers who will choose the path ». “Italia Viva will find a way to disperse the ideological alignments of right and left, will try to see if there will be a way to build a civic experience. However, we will certainly be there with our own list, as we have been there in all the Administrative Elections of the last round. Meanwhile, today we are inaugurating a seat, in a historical moment in which the other parties are closing them ». The local leaders of the movement were also present at the cutting of the ribbon: the provincial leaders Emilio Pagani and Emanuela Pardi and city coordinators Loredana Bossi and Matteo Roleri. In the evening, Rosato then talked to a group of members and supporters of the Roma hotel. Saturday 27 November, again at the headquarters in via Borghetto 2, the regional exponents of Italia Viva will be present to talk about future initiatives at the provincial and regional level. It will also be possible to formalize the membership for 2022.

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