Yvonne Monaco and graduation a few hours after giving birth. “It was my daughter who encouraged me” – Corriere.it

Yvonne Monaco and graduation a few hours after giving birth. “It was my daughter who encouraged me” – Corriere.it
Yvonne Monaco and graduation a few hours after giving birth. “It was my daughter who encouraged me” – Corriere.it
from Giuseppe Di Bisceglie

Bari, the undertaking (with honors) of the 28-year-old from Castellana Grotte: the discussion in connection from the clinic. “I’ll tell my daughter that even the most unlikely things can happen”

A perfect fit, a whirlwind of emotions concentrated in just ten hours, the time it took Yvonne Monaco, of Castellana Grotte, in the Bari area, to combine two great joys: giving birth to her eldest daughter Lavinia and obtaining a master’s degree in “Methodology of psychological intervention” with full marks, honors and special mention. The guest of honor of the session was the newborn girl, cradled by the arms of her young mother who, from a room equipped for the occasion by the “Mater Dei” clinic in Bari, managed to take the final exam of her academic career from remote, connected with the University of Salento.

The laurel wreath on the head and the daughter in the arms: how does it feel?

“It is an enormous emotion, made even greater by a coincidence that spontaneously took place in my life. The perfect time. And to think that a few hours earlier I had also celebrated my 28th birthday. I received the greatest gift ».

Despite the labor and delivery she did not want to skip the graduation session.

«I wanted to take the final exam in person. In reality I was convinced that I had to postpone everything to the next session but it was not necessary. My daughter helped me by coming into the world quickly and allowing me not to miss the appointment ».


“When my gynecologist told me that I was in labor and that I should be hospitalized, I called Professor Flavia Lecciso, the supervisor of my thesis, and explained that I was about to give birth and that the next day I would not be been present at the session. The baby, who weighed 3 kilos and 700 grams at birth, helped me in the birth. It was all very simple and natural, almost as if my daughter was urging me to come to the session ».

How did he organize it all?

“The hospital staff helped me. The girl was born at 11.43 pm on November 23rd. The next morning, at 8, I called the teacher and asked her if it was possible to take the exam remotely. In an hour everything was ready. The head nurse gave me a room, I used my personal hotspot for the connection, and the commission, chaired by Professor Omar Gelo, connected with me from the university classroom in Lecce ».


“A lot. In the room, while I was discussing the thesis, I was with the dearest people: my daughter, my partner. It was just us. And I had my daughter in my arms ».

Then the verdict …

«Exam passed with 110 marks and honors and special mention …».

Would he have imagined such a strong experience?

«No, mai».

What will you tell your daughter?

“I would like to leave you a message: that even the most improbable things can happen and that you must never lose heart.”

Now finally home …

“Yes, and as I had wished, I can devote myself totally to the child. My studies have taught me that the child-mother relationship, in the first phase, is very important. Now you start

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