stinging pepper spray in nightclub, medicated girl

Pepper spray sprayed inside a Milan nightclub, the Lime in via Massarani, Corso Lodi area. It happened on the night between Friday 26th and Saturday 27th November. No serious consequences for the visitors of the club: only one girl accused problems and was rescued.

It all started around one in the morning: according to what was reported by the provincial command of the carabinieri, unknown people sprayed the spray inside the ballroom. Those who were inside ran away and, at that moment, a 21-year-old Italian girl fell ill. On the spot, to rescue her, an ambulance and a 118 auto-medical.

The doctors assisted the young woman and then took her in green code to the emergency room of the Polyclinic for checks. The carabinieri investigate the episode.


stinging pepper spray nightclub medicated girl

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