“Guerrina Piscaglia is alive, this is where she is”

“Guerrina Piscaglia is alive, this is where she is”
“Guerrina Piscaglia is alive, this is where she is”

Seven years after the death of Guerrina Piscaglia, a possible lead arrives. The revelation was made by Father Graziano’s lawyer – the Congolese friar sentenced by the Supreme Court to 25 years -, Riziero Angeletti, during the program “Afternoon Five”. The lawyer received a report, still to be verified, according to which the housewife of Ca ‘Raffaello is in France, a guest in a convent in a small village. For this reason, next month, he announced, he will go in person to verify what a woman said, defined as a “psychic”.

No trace of the 50-year-old has ever been found, neither the body nor elements that can identify how and where she was killed. An obscure point that does not allow to put the word “end” to the mystery except from the procedural point of view, closed precisely with a conviction.

The evening of May 1st 2014 is the last moment in which we have news of the housewife. From what was reconstructed, she had fallen in love with Don Graziano and the two would have had a relationship in which Guerrina would have said she was pregnant and for this reason she would have asked the priest to leave the toga and run away together. For this reason, according to the accusation, fearing a scandal he would have killed her.


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