Political polls | Pd first party, Brothers of Italy salt. League and 5 stars in descent

Political polls | Pd first party, Brothers of Italy salt. League and 5 stars in descent
Political polls | Pd first party, Brothers of Italy salt. League and 5 stars in descent
from Nando Pagnoncelli

Voting intentions Ipsos, confidence in the government and the premier grows. The consensus for the green pass is growing, reaching 66% (+ 7% compared to mid-October), while those against it fall from 31% to 27%

With the increase in the number of infections recorded in November, the fear of Italians for Covid began to grow again, as well as the consent for the green pass
which stands at 66% (+ 7% compared to mid-October), while those against it fell from 31% to 27%. Christmas is upon us and, despite over 47 million citizens over 12 having been vaccinated with at least one dose (87%), many are worried that they will not be able to celebrate it as they would like. Those in favor of the green pass prevail among all the electorates, but to varying degrees: the demos are more convinced (93% are in favor), the voters of the other center-left formations (84%) and the pentastellati (78%), a little less Forza Italia voters and the minor forces of the center-right (62%), the Northern League (59%) and the voters of FdI, among whom 50% are in favor but 45% believe that the measure is exaggerated and violates the freedom of those who do not want to be vaccinated.

In this context of growing fear for the health situation, counterbalanced by a significant confidence of citizens for the economic prospects of the country, thegovernment approval rating marks a three-point increase over October (from 60 to 63), approaching that of the premier which increases by one point (from 63 to 64). The political and media debate of recent weeks, focused on the measures contained in theBudget Law 2022
It is ontotonomi of the next President of the Republic
, did not substantially change the voting guidelines of the voters.

At the top of the ranking are confirmed Pd with 20.8% preferences (stable compared to October), FdI which increases by one point (from 18.8% in October to 19.8% today) and bypasses the League which stands at 19,1% (- 0.9%). For the peace of mind of those who shout scandal or exaggerate exaggeration in the face of the polls, it should be noted that the differences between the first three parties are really contained, within the statistical margin of error and determine, in the various surveys, overtaking and counter-overtaking. on the podium. Following is the M5S with the 15,5%, down by one point, then Forza Italia with 8.5% (+ 0.5%), then the usual array of political forces around 2%. Note the increase in party of abstentionists and undecided which reaches the 41,5%.

Based on these estimates, adding the preference data attributed to individual parties as a whole the three forces of the center-right amounted to 47.4% and prevail over both center left (32.1%) as well as on aGiallorossi alliance (Pd, M5s, Art.1-Mdp and SI), accredited by 39,1%. Conversely, if the somewhat remote hypothesis of an extra-large center-left coalition were to emerge, including all formations other than those of the center-right, the scenario would be in equilibrium (47,6% a 47,4%).

The approval of party leaders also shows no significant changes: Conte stopped the decline that had followed the assumption of the role of leader of the M5S and the consequent loss of the institutional profile that guaranteed him a transversal consensus, remains in first place with an index equal to 43 and followed by Giorgia Meloni (stable at 37) and Speranza (35) who continues to be valued more in the role of Minister of Health than in that of Article 1 leader (confirming the limited appeal of the leading party). More detached Letta and Berlusconi, both a 31, e Salvini (stable at 30). The only significant change of the month concerns Emma Bonino (went from 25 to 28), whose name circulated among the possible candidates for the Quirinale.

The scenario that emerges shows a fair distance, almost indifference, of public opinion with respect to the political-party events of the last few weeks, from the financial table proposed by Letta, to the tensions within the Lega and the M5S, to the maneuvers in view of the election of the head of state. Covid and the country’s economic prospects drive the agenda of citizens who, not surprisingly, look more to the premier and the government’s action than to political forces whose support for the executive does not seem to determine a positive return or a penalty in terms of consensus, as if they were two parallel worlds.

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