improvised communicative virologists, create paranoia – Time

improvised communicative virologists, create paranoia – Time
improvised communicative virologists, create paranoia – Time

“I’m hesitant about vaccinating children.” In the episode of November 26 of Otto e mezzo, La7 program conducted by Lilli Gruber, we discuss the words of Andrea Crisanti spoken in the course of Piazza Pulita. “I am hesitant, because the children undergoing this trial are objectively few and this trial did not measure the most important thing that is transmission, it only measures clinical episodes. The vaccine for children is a false problem ”the analysis of the professor of microbiology at the University of Padua.

These words startled Beppe Severgnini, who in the course of being hosted by Gruber harshly beaten the virologist: “I absolutely do not want to sound rude, there is Professor Crisanti who is a person I have always followed and whom I respect. He explained the new variant very well to us now. I would be ridiculous to argue with you about who is right about vaccinating children, I would improvise a scientist and I am not. Some of you, forgive me, improvise communicators, on these speeches about the vaccine to children it ends up that people, who are in paranoia, go even more into paranoia. There are conferences and congresses to say certain things, if you repeat them in prime time, people get scared and no longer understand anything, believe me “.

“Sooner or later the children will have to be vaccinated, but the study on which the authorization is based has problems”, reiterates Crisanti, also present as a guest of Otto e mezzo. “Either we are all silent or – continues Crisanti – if someone poses the problem it must be gutted. I think that sooner or later children will have to vaccinate and they will have to, but that study on which all authorization is based has problems. In other circumstances, those data would not have been enough. It is much worse that everyone is silent and then the problems are suddenly discovered. In a month – concludes the virologist – we will have enough data to say whether we need to vaccinate children or not. There is a risk of a new AstraZeneca case ”.

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improvised communicative virologists create paranoia Time

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