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Emergency in Tolentino, the medical guard office closes: “Nobody wants to do this job anymore”

“The level of care for patients is guaranteed, it is only a logistical question”. The director of the Vasta 3 Area explains the reasons behind the closure of the medical guard office in Tolentino, which took place about a week ago. Daniela Corsi. The activity was, in fact, momentarily concentrated in Caldarola.

A decision made necessary due to the age-old personnel problem with which we have to deal. “AND admirable the work that the four boys in shift are doing at the moment, because we should have eight to serve the strip of territory that goes from Tolentino to Caldarola, the point to which the headquarters has now been moved – the director explains -. We are hiring plans, but no one wants to do this job anymore. It is not an unwillingness of the health company to hire, but of people who no longer want to be on duty and no longer want to go to the emergency room. It is, therefore, an even more serious issue that we have been encountering for some time “.

In any case, Dr. Corsi points out that there are still open discussions on where to locate the medical guard office: “We are defining where to locate it, through internal meetings, but I would like to reassure the people of Tolentino: you are not alone. The home service is maintained by those who are based in Caldarola: when there is a call, the emergency medical service leaves immediately. More there is always a doctor inside the first intervention point, ready to assist those traveling by car to the Tolentino hospital “.

“Whether there is a doctor’s office inside the town or 6 kilometers from it, I am also speaking for my experience in emergency medicine, it does not change much but we are actively working so that there is a permanent doctor in Tolentino too. “concluded the director of the Vasta 3 Area, Daniela Corsi.

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