They attacked the neighbor: four of them were arrested

This morning the Carabinieri of Casoria, assisted by the soldiers of the Arpino Carabinieri Station, carried out a precautionary custody order in prison issued by the Court of Naples North, at the request of the Prosecutor, against four people of 27, 29, 21 and 22 years, two of which are already known to the police.

Aggression with stones and bottles

Those arrested are accused, in various ways, of attempted murder, aggravated personal injury, trespassing and damage. The story dates back to last November 7 when the Carabinieri intervened – after a report – for a violent condominium dispute between neighbors, in a popular building in Via Giovanni Pascoli in the hamlet of Arpino.

According to what was gathered in the course of the investigation, the four brothers would have become protagonists, for futile reasons, in the attempted murder of a 61-year-old. Following the event, in addition to the 61-year-old woman, her husband and daughter also suffered minor injuries, both with a prognosis of 5 days for head trauma. The victim, still hospitalized at the Cardarelli Hospital in Naples, initially in red code, was savagely attacked with stones and glass bottles.

They had squatted the house

The four suspects are also accused of di housebreaking and damage since they entered the victim’s home against his will. It also emerged that the four suspects – together with their parents – had illegally occupied the property owned by the Municipality of Casoria, also carrying out illegal works.

The two parents will therefore answer for the crime of private violence by having forced neighbors with threats and violence to accept the building abuses under construction. The illegally occupied apartment was seized and all family members evicted.


attacked neighbor arrested

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