"Guerrina Piscaglia is alive and well in France" – Video Tgcom24 – TGCOM

  1. “Guerrina Piscaglia is alive and well in France” – Video Tgcom24TGCOM
  2. The revelations of a sensitive: “Guerrina Piscaglia is alive”, the yellow of Cà Raffaello reopensRiminiToday
  3. “Guerrina Piscaglia is alive”, the certainties of the “sensitive” that release Padre GrazianoSicily
  4. Death of Guerrina Piscaglia, the revelation 7 years after her disappearance: “She is alive, she is in a convent in France”TGCOM
  5. “Guerrina Piscaglia is in a religious house in France.” Sensitive indicates place, lawyer of the convicted priest goes to checkCourier of Arezzo
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quotGuerrina Piscaglia alive Francequot Video Tgcom24 TGCOM

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