Bryan Adams positive for Covid-19, it is the second time in a month. The test just landed in Italy in Milan

Bryan Adams it turned out positive for Covid-19, for the second time in a month. The American singer underwent a quick swab yesterday, November 25, as soon as he landed in Italy, at Malpensa.

Adams, who is also a recognized photographer, is in our country for the presentation of the Pirelli 2022 Calendar, for which he took the shots. Obviously, his participation in the related events of Sunday 28 and Monday 29 November in Milan is, to date, uncertain.

Here I am, just landed in Milan and tested positive for the second time in a month at Covid. You go to the hospital. Thanks for your support!”, Is what the voice of So Happy It Hurts on his Instagram profile, where he posted a photo of him complete with a mask, in what probably seems to be the buffer room at the Lombard airport. The other shots of the slide show the ambulance that took the singer to the hospital, so that he could perform a molecular swab.

Adams had turned out positive in a test also at the end of October, when he had undergone a test to be able to participate in the ceremony of Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, where he was supposed to perform, on October 30th. Obviously the Canadian singer did not show up at the event, precisely because of the positivity of that test.

A note from the entourage made it known that Adams is vaccinated and, for now, it has no symptoms.


Bryan Adams positive Covid19 time month test landed Italy Milan

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