Super green pass, De Luca: “The government moved too late. Was it necessary for the gypsy to understand the third dose obligation to health professionals? “

Well the new restrictive measures of the government borne by whom has not been vaccinated, even if I am – even if they are the least that could be done today in Italy. But these measures they arrive late and above all they are implemented late. But is it really necessary to wait until December 6 or mid-December to make these measures operational? What are we waiting for? ”. And the j’accuse of the president of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca, which, in today’s live broadcast on its Facebook page, harshly criticizes the Draghi government for the delay in the new anti-covid measures.

And he adds: “The government only two days ago decided that the third dose is mandatory for healthcare workers. And it took the gypsy to understand that the third dose was essential, given that nearly all healthcare workers completed their vaccination course in February? Other than 6 months of waiting. We had to wait ahead to understand that the time for the third dose could be reduced from 6 to 5 months, given that in other countries of the world, from Great Britain to Israel to Canada, had they already reduced the times? “.

Then he raises the question of controls: “If in Italy we do not put in place a very rigorous control plan, the measures we take risk remaining on paper. AND we also risk ending up like Austria, which 2 weeks ago decided to promote differentiated measures for vaccinated people. In Austria, the unvaccinated were obliged to stay at home, except for work reasons. Then they realized that it was complicated to carry out the checks and therefore in the end they closed the whole country, damaging vaccinated and unvaccinated. If we don’t put in place a system of controls. we risk ending up like Austria, that is to say verify in 10 days that no one respects the constraints established by the state and it will be inevitable to close everything – he continues – This is frankly doing something intolerable to me. Personally, I have proposed financial penalties: 100 euros for those who do not wear a mask in the gathering places, 1000 euros for those who frequent forbidden places by the laws of the state without being vaccinated. You do this if you want to seriously. It is clear that we will not be able to control everything and everyone or to have carabinieri on every street corner, but if we begin to adopt heavy, exemplary and rigorous measures, those who try to run into those sanctions will probably think twice about not respecting the rules “.

De Luca comments: “In recent weeks we have had quite bizarre experiences: for weeks and weeks we have had irresponsible marches of unvaccinated people without masks and incalculable damage to trade, the economy and health. Damage that we are paying now with the rise of the infections. And when the police intervened with a fire hydrant, open the sky. They said they wet the demonstrators, they caught colds. It will mean chand next time we will use dry fire hydrants, like in the laundry, so as not to wet some and not to ruin the styling of others. If we think of adopting this attitude also in the next few weeks, we will close Italy. There’s nothing to do”.


Super green pass Luca government moved late gypsy understand dose obligation health professionals

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