Coronavirus, from Selva Valgardena to San Martino in Passiria: other 16 municipalities in South Tyrol included in the “ red zone ”

BOLZANO. Another 16 municipalities become “red zone“in South Tyrol. This is the decision of the Province of Bolzano which seeks to stem the spread of the Covid epidemic.” vaccination it is the most important step to take to have an almost normal winter, “the governor commented Arno Kompatscher, the commissioner Thomas Widmann and the general manager of the South Tyrolean health authority, Florian Zerzer.

The epidemiological situation, as known, is very delicate in South Tyrol, the authorities have opted to restore some limitations and establish different red zones on the basis of three criteria: aweekly incidence of infections exceeding 800 units per 100 thousand inhabitants; a quota of vaccinated (full cycle) under 80% of the resident population and the number of currently positive people the virus must exceed 5 units.

In the last 24 hours, 540 new positives have been found and unfortunately another death has been counted. The situation remains unchanged in terapie intensive (I’m 9 patients when they should be 10 to exceed the threshold set of 10% for the yellow zone) while the one in hospitals where admissions pass of 81 (which represented the 16% employment of hospital wards) a 88 hospitalized (here article).

The commission of experts of theHealth Authority of South Tyrol in fact, it examined the pandemic situation of the Municipalities and found that for another 16 Municipalities with many positive cases, few vaccinated and a high incidence of weekly infections, particularly strict anti-Covid rules will be applied: Monguelfo-TesidO, Villandro, Prato allo Stelvio, Laces, Leave, Tirolo, Field Tures, Selva dei Molini, miss, San Martino in Passiria, Selva di Valgardena, Fiè allo Sciliar, Ahrntal, Cermes, Gais e Malles. The rules will be applied from the night of Sunday 28 November to Monday 29 November.

These municipalities are added to the 20 already affected by stricter regulations since last November 24: Rodengo, San Pancrazio, Caines, Vandoies, Ultimo, Martello, Castelbello-Ciardes, Naz-Sciaves, Senales, Plaus, Castelrotto, Marlengo, Laion, Postal, Ortisei, Moso in Passiria, Funes, Santa Cristina Valgardena, Rasun Anterselva, Rio di Pusteria (Here article).

The national government will introduce the Super Green pass, which will guarantee greater freedom to vaccinated or cured people. “With a new ordinance we will implement the national rules of the Super green pass”, explained Kompatscher. With the new provision, the regime established by the ordinances in the 36 municipalities currently concerned will lapse. An early application of the Super Green Pass is not possible due to the current classification of South Tyrol as white area. This possibility is provided only by the yellow zone.

For citizens of the current 36 Municipalities affected by the most restrictive rules, between 8 pm and 5 am only the displacements justified by proven work needs, health reasons or situations of need. For these movements, a self-declaration is required which must be completed before or directly during the inspection.

the sports activities and outdoor exercise are also permitted in areas set up for this purpose and in public parks. However, a distance of at least two meters from other people must be maintained during sports activities, and a distance of at least one meter during any other activity. During motor activity, a mask must also be worn. Sports or motor activities are not allowed between 8 pm and 5 am.

All the public events (including cultural, recreational, sporting or trade fair) in closed private or public spaces are suspended. Rehearsals and performances by choirs and bands are also suspended, as well as theatrical performances, film screenings, conferences and similar meetings in presence.

the demonstrations organized open to the public can take place outdoors in delimited areas in compliance with the safety measures referred to in Annex A upon presentation of the Green Pass (cured, vaccinated, tested). THE security protocols they will specify access restrictions to avoid crowds and keep minimum distances. Sports events and competitions at national and international level and similar events organized by sports associations and federations may be held in compliance with the safety protocols of the respective sports associations.

The sessions of work out of athletes participating in approved events and competitions are permitted in compliance with the safety protocols of the relevant sports governing body. The remaining outdoor sports competitions are only permitted for individual sports and not for contact sports and the presence of the public is prohibited.

the Ffp2 masks or equivalent must be worn in all closed spaces (except in your own home). Outdoors, surgical or higher grade masks must be worn if the interpersonal distance of one meter cannot be maintained permanently. In any case, this applies to all gatherings of people, and therefore for example in the centers of cities and towns, in squares, in markets and in waiting queues.

Within the commercial establishments, both customers and staff must wear Ffp2 masks or equivalent. One customer for every 10 square meters of space corresponds to the number of presences allowed at the same time in the aforementioned environments, while a maximum of two customers are allowed at the same time in stores less than 20 square meters. An interpersonal distance of at least one meter must be guaranteed. Access must be staggered so that people do not stay on the premises longer than necessary for shopping.

In the exercises of catering, seated drinks with a maximum of 4 people at the table are allowed until 6 pm, provided that the safety measures of the provincial law are respected. Accommodation facilities can serve their internal guests even after 6pm. Sales from take away and at home they are allowed from 5 am to 8 pm. Gatherings are not allowed either inside or outside the premises. Even the people and similar catering services can continue their activities. In all the above cases the safety rules must be respected. No limitations per nature, schools and childcare services.

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