Naples is in the hands of the Secondigliano Alliance

A blood-red map, with small yellow spots, tells of the criminal domination of Naples. The Prosecutor’s Office reveals the investigative documents and that red color that covers 80 percent of the Metropolitan City represents the area of ​​influence of the Secondigliano Alliance, the criminal cartel made up of the Licciardi, Mallardo, Contini and Bosti clans.

Scampia, Secondigliano, Miano, Piscinola, but also Vomero, Fuorigrotta, Bangoli. The control of the Alliance is widespread. In the city there is only one other trust, that of the Mazzarella, which still controls the center, the coast from Piazza Mercato in San Giovanni, Poggioreale. And the situation does not change in the province. Portici and San Giorgio a Cremano are the only municipalities under the control of the Mazzarella. Frattamaggiore, Frattaminore, Crispano and Cardito are the only centers that are an exception and where independent clans operate. But the rest of the territory, from west to east, is in the hands of the Secondigliano cartel.

Presenting this picture is the chief prosecutor of Naples Giovanni Melillo, assisted by the men of the judicial police. “For too long – said Melillo – the ability of the clans to coordinate in the search for common objectives that are not only those of survival, but we also talk about economic and social objectives, has been underestimated. This underestimation has long prevented us from seeing the dimension of these signs “.

The meeting at Federico II, introduced by the rector Matteo Lorito, was also propitious for the signing of the protocol between the University and the Public Prosecutor’s Office for the study of the economic and social phenomena of the Camorra clans: “More and more – continued Melillo – criminal organizations are manifest as constellations of companies. An entrepreneurial fabric and corrupt relationships have increasingly grown alongside the top structures of the clans. This picture gives us a description of the Camorra far from that of the collective imagination, which sees it only as a generator of collective violence “.


Naples hands Secondigliano Alliance

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