Serie A, doubts about the start date of the next championship: unknown Italy at the World Cup

The latest rumors claim that the start of the next championship will not depend on Italy’s qualification a Qatar 2022. The League Council, however, he has begun to talk about the dates of the Serie A next season. It fluctuates between the weekend of 13-14 August and that of 20-21. Of course, the World start date remains: 21 November. It is the first to be played in the autumn and from March onwards – in the event of a Azzurri victory against North Macedonia and against one between Turkey and Portugal – the start date must really be taken into consideration.

It should be remembered that the regulation Fifa requires clubs to release players one week before the tournament starts: series A it will adapt to the provisions, aligning itself with the other European leagues. If the players must be “released” seven days before the start of November 21, 2022, not one more day, it means that in the league it will be played until Sunday the 13th. After that the A, like the other national tournaments, will go on break. The duration of the stop, of course, will affect the season finale. The World Cup will be played on December 18, 2022. And here the Serie A League has two ways: to restart immediately after Christmas, perhaps with the Boxing Day of Boxing Day (like in 2018-19, this time on Monday) and add another shift between the end of the year and the beginning of 2023, or extend the stop and restart with a midweek on January 4th. There will still be time to plan all this. Meanwhile, the Serie A League will have its first office abroad: from 1 January 2022 a New York, in the United States.


Serie doubts start date championship unknown Italy World Cup

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