“He scared me he had a knife”

“He scared me he had a knife”
“He scared me he had a knife”

Furious quarrel between the two girls.

In the late afternoon, a few hours after the twenty-second episode of the Big Brother Vip, one broke out furious quarrel between Miriana Trevisan and Soleil Sorge. The influencer, annoyed by a dirty hair straightener, turned decisively to the Trevisan sure it was her fault. The showgirl, who denied being responsible, disliked the way of addressing Soleil and one of them is unleashed war which also involved the other tenants.

Here are the words of Miriana who let off steam in the room with Clarissa Selassié:

“Have you seen the scene? He had a knife. But what are we animals? He yelled at me. Have you seen guys? Gianmaria was also frightened. She screamed like crazy, are we a gang that I did like this? I was asleep and I got scared, I thought it had happened to someone. Are we kidding guys? This means that she thinks she has taken power and thinks she can treat me the way she treats her men. But what is this bad badness? Fly down girl. I swear I got scared. What are we becoming the mafia? What is it? These things are not acceptable ”.

“He told me ‘are you going through menopause?’. – continued the Trevisan – Of an arrogance and a malice that I have no words for. However I defended myself, now that’s really enough. He screamed ‘mirianaaaaa’ with the knife in his hand. If we never react then it will be a continuation. She asked me not to talk to her, but who calculates her. He says I have mood swings, it’s awful. Then to me who are never nervous with anyone. What happened is serious. […] He pointed the knife at me and said ‘clean that thing up’. Ao but what have we become? The point is, I’m no longer willing to accept this treatment. “

Definitely difficult week for Miriana who after discussing with Ricciarelli for the nomination, is now at war also with the worries.

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