Treaty of the Quirinale, over a minute of handshake between Draghi and Macron: “Fraternal friendship” –

Treaty of the Quirinale, over a minute of handshake between Draghi and Macron: “Fraternal friendship” –
Treaty of the Quirinale, over a minute of handshake between Draghi and Macron: “Fraternal friendship” –
from Marco Galluzzo

The Italian premier after the signing of the bilateral agreement with Paris: search for European sovereignty.

ROMA The word he pronounces several times, to reinforce the concept, is that of sovereignty. But not to reclaim the classic term, linked to national interests, which sovereignists on various fronts, Europeans and Americans, have so much flaunted in recent years. For Mario Draghi, today, the sovereignty of our country is expressed only in the search for a European sovereignty, in the agreement that together with Macron defines historic, in the ability to shape our future by building a stronger, more integrated, more influential Union. in global challenges.

Sovereignty, future, ability to pursue it according to common interests: the head of the government has the French president next to him, at Villa Madama, to comment on the signing of the Quirinal Treaty. The agreement between the two states, which in many ways follows the one established over the years between Paris and Berlin, is a first step, the beginning of a journey, says Draghi. A path that can only lead to a sharing of tools not only to multiply the specific weight of the two countries in foreign policy, but also to be another multiplier (after the Franco-German one) of economic, social, military and geopolitical ambitions in broadly speaking, of the entire European Union.

The head of the Italian government repeats the concept several times, it is not just an alliance linked to economic or diplomatic integration, in search of a common migration policy in the Mediterranean or in Africa, to the various sectors of a very articulated and provided treaty. of a road map administrative and institutional. No, says Draghi, the signing of the agreement is a first step in the shared management of the great global challenges. It is not by chance that one of the two countries could represent the other in the main international forums
, even in the United Nations Security Council, in every seat where one of the two states is absent.

The participation of a minister of the respective governments is also signed, alternately and every three months, in the government meeting of the other state. It is a point that Draghi expressly wanted a few hours before the signing, and literally echoed by article 24 of the Treaty of Aachen between France and Germany. The French at first were a bit confused, they managed the fear that the passage might be frowned upon in Berlin, but in the end they adhered without problems to the Prime Minister’s wish.

It is always the Prime Minister who emphasizes the method and the profound meaning on which the Treaty was built: We must learn the discipline of friendship, it is important to consult and act together, and this applies to common interests in Libya as well as to the Stability Pact which both want to reform, this applies to strategic investments in more modern and integrated economies as well as for cultural exchanges or for the construction of the first nuclei of a common defense. The spaces for collaboration are enormous, as the signing of the agreement on space collaboration between Vittorio Colao and Bruno Le Maire also demonstrates, who have practically hardly slept to reach a final agreement.

Macron has almost a moment of emotion when he pronounces the last words of the press conference, looking Draghi in the eyes and also sealing the fraternal friendship between the two states with his posture. For a moment the Prime Minister goes to meet him, he seems to want to embrace him, but only a hint of movement, he immediately withdraws, there is Covid and one cannot. From today we are even closer, concludes the premier, with a handshake that lasts almost a minute, beyond any protocol. After all, it is a historic agreement for both.

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