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Weather report Italy

STRONG TEMPORAL WITH DAMAGES TO APRILIA, POSSIBLE TORNADO. Between late morning and early afternoon a strong storm crossed the town of Aprilia in Lazio, accompanied by violent gusts of wind that caused damage by uprooting some trees. Checks are underway to assess whether it was a tornado.

LAZIO, TWO TRUMPETS MARINA OSTIA. The marked instability that is affecting the Tyrrhenian side of the boot has triggered two sea horns spotted from the seafront of Ostia, one of which landed on the beach however, dissolving in a few moments and without causing damage. Meanwhile, showers and thunderstorms continue along practically the entire Tyrrhenian side, more intense in these afternoon hours on Lazio, Campania and upper Calabria. There are pluviometric accumulations of over 40mm on the Cosentino.

TIRRENICHE STILL IN THE SIGHT OF THE TEMPORALS. The morning hours pass and on the Tyrrhenian side there is a marked instability, from Tuscany to Calabria. Showers and thunderstorms, however, are more insistent on Lazio and Campania, with rainfall accumulations reaching 30mm on the Frusinate. Driven by the intense western flow, the phenomena also reach Umbria, albeit in a weaker form, while on the central-northern Apennines snow falls from about 1400 / 1500m.

DIFFUSED INSTABILITY IN SARDINIA. Close to the minimum of low pressure, Sardinia is also affected by widespread instability, with rains and showers advancing from the western to the eastern side. The rainfall accumulations reach 30mm in the Gennargentu area.

SITUATION. The arctic currents that reach the Mediterranean latitudes feed a vast depressionary circulation within which a secondary minimum has formed, centered in these hours near Corsica. From its center it unwinds an impulse of instability that involves our Tyrrhenian regions and the north of Sicily, another that reaches the western sectors of the Sardinia, in both cases with showers and thunderstorms, while strong westerly winds sweep a large part of the boot. In the meantime, the disturbance that Italy went through Thursday is moving towards the Balkans, but still manages to affect the Northeast with rain and snow in the mountains. It is now abandoning the south-eastern regions, after it gave rise to severe thunderstorms in Puglia during the night.

STRONG STORM IN PUGLIA NIGHT. At dawn on Friday, rainfall is nearing its end in Puglia, but during the night strong showers and thunderstorms affected the region, especially Salento. Almost 70mm of water were measured on this occasion in Taranto, 35mm in the Lecce area.

RAIN IN THE NORTHEST, SNOW IN THE ALPS. The northeastern regions are also still grappling with the final part of the disturbance that arrived on Thursday and is moving away to the east. In this case the phenomena are weaker, even if they are widespread at dawn on Veneto and Friuli VG, while in the eastern Alps snowfalls are in progress starting from 900 / 1000m.

TEMPORALS IN TUSCANY. From the minimum of low pressure located in Corsica, an impulse of instability unfolds that affects the Tyrrhenian regions. In Tuscany, showers extend from Versilia to Grosseto, especially along the coast. Thunderstorms in progress on Elba.

STRONG INSTABILITY ON THE LOWER TIRRENO. The whole lower Tyrrhenian area is struggling with a storm system driven by the intense western flow that triggers the minimum pressure on Corsica. Involved by showers and thunderstorms Campania, Calabria and northern Sicily. From midnight rainwater accumulations up to 28mm on Cosentino. Some isolated phenomenon also reported in the south of Sicily, between Agrigento and Ragusano.

STRONG BURST FROM THE WEST. Much of Italy is struggling with an intense flow from the west, especially off the western millstones. But until now it is on Salento that the most intense gusts have been recorded, with peaks of over 80km / h in Salento.

WEATHER NEXT HOURS. Sunny spells in the Northwest extending to Lombardy, Trentino, Veneto and Emilia Romagna during the day, cloudy in Friuli VG with rain and showers and snow in the Dolomites from 900 / 1100m, at lower altitudes on the Alto Adige borders. Cloudy also on the Ligurian Levante with intermittent rain and showers. In the evening it gets worse in Lombardy and west Emilia with incoming rains and snow on the Alps from 900m. Cloudy over the Tyrrhenian regions from Tuscany to upper Calabria with intermittent rains and showers, including thunderstorms, especially in the evening between Campania and Calabria where local hailstorms will be possible. Precipitation overrun in the day on the Adriatic side between Marche and upper Puglia, but with less intensity. Snow on the central-northern Apennines from 1300 / 1400m. More openings and dryness in lower Puglia and Ionian regions, some variability in Sicily with some rain or thunderstorms in the northern sector. Unstable in Sardinia with showers and thunderstorms on the western side, even strong, but attenuating in the evening. Strong winds from the west-southwest on the central-northern Tyrrhenian and the Ionian, from the northwest on the Sardinian Sea, moderate or tense from the west-southwest on the Adriatic, possible storm surges on the western coasts of Sardinia, Sicily and those of the middle-lower Tyrrhenian. For all the details enter the section Weather Italy. For the forecasts for the weekend click here.

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