bonus free download via PES 2021

bonus free download via PES 2021
bonus free download via PES 2021

The history of the PES series took a drastic turn with the announcement of eFootball 2022, which marked the entry of the IP into the universe of free to play productions.

The game’s debut, however, was marred by an extensive review of issues related to disappointing performances by the football simulator. To worsen the situation, the decision to postpone the 1.0 update of eFootball 2022 to spring, which will therefore not see the light for several months yet. On the difficult situation, she returned to express herself Konami, via the game’s official Twitter account.

In thanking the public he has grappled with eFootball 2022, the software house is sorry for the inconvenience which involved the game and for the aforementioned postponement of the first major update. To make the community experience with the series more enjoyable, Konami has decided to offer some bonuses related to eFootball PES 2021 Season Update. In particular, players who complete the tutorial by December 2 will be able to receive it for free 2.000 myClub Coin. In addition, the events were reset Matchday e VS COM. Konami says it has also evaluated the extension of licenses related to the product, but without success.

With regard to eFootball 2022, it reads, the development team is devoting itself to building Update 1.0. Meanwhile, the in-game events will continue uninterrupted.


bonus free download PES

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