Even unvaccinated shopping malls The government clarifies

Even unvaccinated shopping malls The government clarifies
Even unvaccinated shopping malls The government clarifies

Access to shopping centers also allowed for non-vaccinated people, a new version of the app to distinguish the “basic” pass from the “enhanced” one, the same rules for foreign and Italian tourists, random checks on buses and subways. After deciding on the new squeeze, the government clears up some doubts, although it will be necessary to wait for the publication of the decree in the Official Gazette to understand the impact of the measures in force from 6 December to 15 January.

New version of the “Verification C19” App

Those who already have the pass because they have been vaccinated or recovered from Covid will have the pass strengthened. There will be an update of the ‘Verification C19’ App: the QR Code will not change but a new reading system will be available, to be used in situations where the super pass is required, which will recognize as valid only the certificates issued to vaccinated and recovered patients. . Another function, on the other hand, would also allow validating the basic passes obtained with the buffer. A solution that will serve to avoid any interference in the privacy of Italians since those who carry out the checks must not be able to know the choices of citizens in health matters. The same Guarantor Pasquale Stanzione reiterated several times that “discrimination based on vaccination choices” must be avoided and the need for “confidentiality” to be always guaranteed with regard to the “choices made by everyone in relation to vaccination prophylaxis”. However, all Italians immunized against Covid will have to do the booster dose in a period between 5 and 9 months from the end of the vaccination cycle. Obviously, with the third dose, the validity of the pass will be updated and the 9 months will restart. To have the basic pass, however, the negative result of the antigenic or molecular buffer will suffice; the first entitles you to a certificate valid for 48 hours, the second for 72.

Tourists and hotels

The double track, however, opens up a problem with tourists who come to Italy from abroad. Brussels reiterated that “a person in possession of a valid Covid green pass should in principle not be subject to further restrictions”. Government sources explain, however, that the same rules that Italians must respect will apply to foreign tourists: those who are not vaccinated will be able to enter Italy and stay in a hotel with a tampon but will not be able to go to cinemas, museums and restaurants indoors.

Restaurants, discos and stadiums

Precisely for restaurants, the decree provides that outdoors can be accessed without a pass in the white and yellow area; indoors, however, the super pass will always be required. To clarify what will happen in the orange zone: the current rule provides that restaurants are open only for take-out but the new decree introduces the possibility that these will remain open only for those with a strengthened pass. However, being able to open, restaurateurs will be able to use the outdoor tables at which in theory you can sit without a pass. The checks will be random: the prefects will organize planned checks, especially in the nightlife areas, and surprise checks. Similar speech for discos and stadiums: from the white zone only holders of the enhanced pass will be able to enter.


In the white and yellow area, the government clarified, it will be possible to access gyms and swimming pools with the ‘basic’ pass, while in the orange area you can only enter with the reinforced one. The same goes for going to play soccer or tennis in sports clubs, where, however, you will need the basic pass to enter the changing rooms. One of the declared objectives of the decree is also to save the ski season. For this in white and yellow you can also ski with the basic pass, while in orange you will need the super pass to take cable cars and cable cars.

Shops and shopping centers

In the draft there are no interventions and therefore the current measures remain valid: no obligation to show the pass and obligation to wear a mask. Therefore, those who do not get vaccinated can enter any shop or go to shopping centers. Also in this case it is important to understand what happens in the orange zone: in that band the shopping centers are expected to close at the weekend but with the new decree it is not excluded that they may remain open only for those with a strengthened pass.

Buses and subways

In the draft of the decree the use of the pass was not foreseen but the government explained that it will be necessary to have the basic one. How will the checks be carried out and who will do them? The most concrete hypothesis is that they are carried out on a random basis by the police forces, in metro stations and at bus stops. On these aspects, the Minister of the Interior will hold a meeting with the prefects next week and there will be a circular from the Ministry of Transport. An alternative solution would be to insert green pass readers at subway turnstiles or automatic ticket machines, but it takes time and money.

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